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The Best Baby Pajamas From Esme

Esme specializes in baby girl pajamas and baby boy pajamas featuring bright, bold colors and sweet, timeless designs. Known for their comfort and prints, Esme is proudly made in the USA.

At Mini Dreamers, we believe that being fashionable isn’t only reserved for daytime; fashion is a lifestyle and that lifestyle includes looking (and feeling) your best, even when you go to bed. Baby pajama brand  Esme echoes this sentiment and is on a mission to help you dress your littlest ones in the most stylish pajamas. Esme specializes in baby girl pajamas and baby boy pajamas featuring bright, bold colors and sweet, timeless designs. Known for their comfort and prints, Esme is proudly made in the USA.

Because the brand specializes in just one style of clothing — trendy everyday nightwear — it’s clear it also excels in this particular line of fashion. With a variety of matching sets to choose from (yes, each piece matches even down to the undergarments), there’s a pajama set for every season. 

Here are Mini Dreamers’ favorite baby girl and baby boy pajamas: 

Best Baby Girl Pajamas

Leopard Zip Footie

Is there anything cozier during the wintertime than a footed onesie? If there is, we’re still looking for it! The  Leopard Zip Footie set from Esme is perfect for bundling up your little girl during the coldest nights of the year. The bold leopard pattern in vibrant green and purple colors will showcase the fierce spirit inside her, even at such a young age. Plus, the diagonal zipper design is not only functional, but fashionable too with lacy details that are mirrored on each sleeve cuff as well.

esme baby girl pajamas

Ice Cream Short Sleeve PJs

We’re not sure about you, but we’ve personally found the springtime to be that awkward in-between phase where the temperature is warmer than winter but not warm enough for summer. Therefore, it can be a struggle to regulate your children’s comfort throughout the night. That’s why we love Esme’s short sleeve and leggings pajama sets! 

There truly is nothing sweeter than the  Ice Cream Short Sleeve PJs from Esme’s baby girl collection. This cute and colorful outfit comes complete with a short-sleeved top and leggings. Plus, the super comfortable blend of cotton, modal, and spandex, makes it easy to snuggle up on the couch at night. (Pro tip: Purchase the matching  Ice Cream Panties set to make your girl’s bedtime routine even easier!)

esme baby girl pajamas

Believe Tank & Leggings PJs

If you’re looking for a more minimalistic girls pajama set option, the  Believe Tank & Leggings PJs are perfect for you. With its vibrant purple color but simple metallic design, this set is just bold enough to exude confidence, but not quite as busy as some of the other Esme designs. Instead, the delicate lace trim embraces your little girl’s femininity and is casual enough that it can even be worn during the daytime as a lounge set!

esme baby girl pajamas

Mini Macaroons Long Sleeve PJs

Looking to keep your little girl bundled up during the winter, but she’s not a fan of the footie-style PJs? The long sleeve PJ sets from Esme are the perfect alternative! Our favorite is the  Mini Macaroons Long Sleeve PJ set.

She can embrace all the fabulous fashion energy from Paris in this set, which comes complete with a comfy long sleeve and matching joggers. The simplistic pencil-like design of the macaroons encapsulates the spirit of Parisian fashion sketches and the variety of colors in the design will perfectly encapsulate her fun-loving spirit. Plus, a hot pink lace trim adds extra elegance, takes the set to a ladylike new level, and will keep her feeling fabulous even as she drifts to sleep!

esme baby girl pajamas

Best Baby Boy Pajamas

Checkered Thunderbolt Zip Footie

Your little girls shouldn’t get to have all the fun! For every great baby girl pajamas offered by Esme, there’s a baby boy pajama counterpart. We love the  Checkered Thunderbolt Zip Footie set to wrap our little boys in on colder nights. The bold lighting bolt design on a more muted gray background screams fun-loving and action-seeking, making it the perfect design to showcase his energetic personality!

esme baby boy pajamas

Camo Short Sleeve PJs

Everything about the  Camo Short Sleeve PJs says serenity. From the wavy camo design to the light blues and grays within the fabric. This two-piece set includes a short sleeved tee with a contrast neckline as well as a cozy pair of joggers made from the softest fabric. The fluid tiger-like design is sure to bring some calm to your wild child’s closet!

esme baby boy pajamas

Tie Dye Short Sleeve Top & Boxer Shorts PJ Set

Of course, just like the Believe tank top set, there needs to be an everyday counterpart for your little boys. The  Tie Dye Short Sleeve Top & Boxer Shorts PJ Set is perfect for both nighttime and daytime wear. The short sleeve and shorts styling makes this set perfect for warm summer days and nights, and the vibrant blue and gray tie dye design will keep him up to date with the latest fashion design trends!

esme baby boy pajamas

Dinoflage Long Sleeve PJs

Is your little boy going through his dinosaur phase? We get it, when you’re young there are few things more fantastical than the idea of prehistoric, powerful creatures roaming the Earth! For the little one who’s obsessed with all things from the Triassic period, the  Dinoflage Long Sleeve PJs are perfect.

This set comes with a super cozy long-sleeved shirt and matching joggers, perfect for keeping him warm in the winter once he’s outgrown the footie pajamas. Both pieces are covered with a fun design that seamlessly blends dinosaurs and camouflage. The muted green and blue pattern will be loved by dino-obsessed kids everywhere!

esme baby boy pajamas

Want to see more Esme designs? Shop the extensive collection  here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like Esme at Mini Dreamers  here

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