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Wrap Up Summer With the Best Kids Swim Goggles and Pool Accessories From Bling2o and Sunnylife

We’re excited to share some of our favorite kids swim goggles from Bling2o, as well as our favorite Sunnylife pool toys to pair them with.
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Just because the end of summer is quickly approaching, doesn’t mean that your summertime shopping has to end! In fact, we think now is the perfect time to add some new pieces to your summertime swimming collection. Your little ones will be ecstatic to see some new toys and swimwear in the pool bag this year, and will be eager to continue using them next season as well! We’re excited to share some of our favorite kids swim goggles from  Bling2o, as well as our favorite  Sunnylife pool toys to pair them with.

Bling2o is dedicated to adding personality to their kids goggles while still adhering to the most stringent global safety standards. The Bling2o swim goggles are latex-free and lead-free, and are made complete with anti-fog properties and UV protection so that nothing gets in the way of your child’s fun. Similarly, Sunnylife — founded on the sunny beaches of Australia — aims to add fun design and personality to each of their pool toys. From pool floats to water games, it’s all about making memories when it comes to Sunnylife toys.

Here are Mini Dreamers’ favorite Bling2o swim goggles + Sunnylife pool toys pairings: 

Heart Breaker Goggles + Glitter Heart Tube

For the little heartbreaker in your life, the  Bling2o Heartbreaker Goggles are the perfect sassy accessory for her day at the pool. These girls swim goggles are rimmed with sparkling jewels and feature an orange/pink ombre color palette. Let your mini embrace her inner fashionista at the pool this summer with these glamorous swim goggles!

Pair the Bling2o goggles with the Sunnylife  Glitter Heart Tube, currently on sale for more than 25% off! So, when she lounges on the water with her stylish goggles, she’ll match her swim float. The slit design in the tube allows for easy entry and exit and the free-floating glitter inside the inflatable perfectly complements the bedazzled look of the goggles!

girls swim goggles and pool float

Moonstruck Eclipse Goggles + Lux Ride-On Unicorn Float

Is your little girl obsessed with all things fantastical and magical? If so, the Bling2o  Moonstruck Eclipse Goggles are perfect for her. These star-studded swim goggles will add a little bit of bling to any swimsuit and will truly make her feel like her look is out of this world! Plus, the vibrant pink color will perfectly encapsulate her girly side, allowing her to feel as magical as her favorite storybook characters.

Nothing pairs with these goggles better than the Sunnylife  Lux Ride-On Unicorn Float. I mean, is there anything more magical than a unicorn? If there is, we certainly haven’t found it! The open-seated design of this float will have your little one feeling like she is flying off on a fantastic adventure, instantly making her the main character in her favorite fairy tale. 

(PS: This float is currently on sale for 20% off!)

girls swim goggles and pool float

Squid Goggles + Shark Inflatable Sprinkler

Your little boy won’t feel left out when he gets to embark on his own epic adventure with the Bling2o  Squid Goggles. These blue and green goggles feature a small suction cup design all around the rims of the lenses and the back of the strap which will fully immerse him in his deep sea journey!

When paired with the Sunnylife  Shark Inflatable Sprinkler, the Bling2o boys goggles have the potential to completely transport your little one into the depths of the ocean — via his imagination. We guarantee he’ll have a blast darting in and out of the sprinkler’s spray of water and pretending he is truly underwater with his favorite ocean creatures. At 25% off, there’s no better time to buy this sprinkler!

boys swim goggles and pool float

Good Vibes Rainbow Goggles + Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler

Somewhere over the rainbow, the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true … and the Bling2o  Good Vibes Rainbow Goggles are here to help make that happen! The attention to detail in these girls' swim goggles cannot be missed. With rainbow designs lining the upper rim of the lenses, a beautiful lilac rainbow at the back of the silicon strap, and multicolored jewels lining the lower rim of the lenses, everything about these goggles feels ethereal! 

The perfect pairing for these goggles? The Sunnylife  Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler. With this sprinkler, your little girl can quite literally jump over the rainbow and imagine all of her biggest dreams coming true. The best part of this inflatable sprinkler is that it is also currently on sale for 25% off!

girls swim goggles and pool float

Boa Jake the Snake Goggles + Call of the Wild Mini Beach Bats

If your little boy isn’t quite into deep sea adventures, try sending him out into the wild — theoretically, of course! The Bling2o  Boa Jake the Snake Goggles perfectly capture the scaly, vibrant skin of his favorite reptile. Plus, the slight yellow tint to the goggle lenses will even make him feel like he’s looking through the eyes of a slithering snake!

These boys goggles pair perfectly with the Sunnylife  Call of the Wild Mini Beach Bats. This game adds a bit of fun — both in the pool and out of it — to any swim day. Plus, the spotted wild cats on each paddle will transport your mini into the wide, wild world full of larger than life animals! (Yes, this is on sale for 25% off, too!)

boys swim goggles and pool toy

Want to see more Bling20 designs? Shop the extensive collection  here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like Bling20 at Mini Dreamers  here

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