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Back to School Must-Haves From Billieblush

Billieblush screams creativity and empowers young girls to express themselves through fashion. This school year, get your little girl runway-ready with the newest designs from Billieblush Kids.

At Mini Dreamers, we’re firm believers that you’re never too young to have an appreciation for fashion. From Milan to Paris to New York and beyond, designers all over the world pour their creativity into fabrics and textures and dyes. To us, there’s no greater way to teach an appreciation for art than to introduce your young ones to fashion at an early age, and girls’ clothing brand  Billieblush agrees. 

Originating from France, Billieblush specializes in girls clothing from 12 months old to 12 years old. With vibrant colors, bold patterns, and unique fabrics, Billieblush screams creativity and empowers young girls to express themselves through fashion. 

This school year, get your little girl runway-ready with the newest designs from Billieblush Kids. These straight-off-the-catwalk designed girls dresses, shorts, and tops are sure to add some stylish fun to her closet. 

Here are Mini Dreamers top nine picks this back to school season:

Cool Girl Denim Pants

Nothing screams “new back to school wardrobe” like a new pair of jeans. We can vividly remember roaming the mall, browsing each and every store in search of the perfect pair of jeans. There’s just something about that pair that fits just right that makes you feel confident to take on the school year. 

The  Cool Girl Denim Pants from Billieblush are sure to give your little girl this same feeling of confidence and empowerment. From the front, these look like your standard pair of jeans — which makes them the perfect closet staple to pair with almost any top — but includes just the right amount of pop with hot pink buttons and stitching details. Plus, the “cool girl” embroidery on the back pockets elevates the classic denim look by adding extra color and personality to the pants!

Billieblush girls jeans

Gingham Tie Ruffle Shorts & Top Set

Looking for the perfect back to school outfit that will have your little girl eager to wake up on the first day? The  Gingham Tie Ruffle Shorts & Top Set combines all of our favorite things: matching sets, classic designs, and comfortable material. Plus, you get both pieces of the outfit in just one purchase, which is a major parent win in our book!

This two-piece seersucker set is a fresh twist on the classic gingham style. The subtle plaid pattern and ruffled sleeves pay homage to the vintage gingham style which was popular in the ’50s while the tie detail on the front and the bold yellow trim adds modernity. Each piece is also made from a luxe, lightweight fabric that will keep your little lady comfortable all day long.

billieblush Gingham Tie Ruffle Shorts & Top Set

Sequin Side Trim Shorts

Let’s face it, your little girl is definitely going to have days where comfort should be prioritized over the latest fashion trends. But, that doesn’t mean we should sacrifice design entirely! For the days she wants to spend hours running around a playground, check out  Billieblush’s Sequin Side Trim Shorts. 

These shorts are perfect for your little girl who loves to be the star of the show. If the hot pink fabric wasn’t enough to draw attention, the shimmering stripe details on the sides are. Made from an ultra-comfortable fabric with an adjustable waistband, these shorts will always provide the perfect fit and move with her, rather than restricting her fun.

Billieblush girls shorts

Candy Pom Pom Tulle Tutu Skirt

Now, for the days where the latest fashion trends are prioritized over playground attire, the Billieblush  Candy Pom Pom Tulle Tutu Skirt is perfect. Over the years, fashion has become a way for people to stand out from the crowd and embrace their individuality, and the candy pom pom skirt stays true to this sentiment. Upon first glance, this may look like your standard, fun pink tutu skirt with a bold striped belted waist (which we can’t get enough of), but it’s also so much more than that. 

Sewn in between the transparent tulle layer and the lining is a fun collection of fake candy confetti. This detail harnesses the fun-loving and creative spirit that we’re sure your little lady exudes every day. We promise her friends at school are going to be so excited about (and maybe even slightly envious of) the unique detailing within this skirt!

Billieblush girls tutu skirt

Metallic Rainbow Pleated Dress

Are you a parent who is always scrambling to put together a last-minute picture day outfit? We get it — life gets busy and somehow picture day always seems to slip our minds regardless of how many reminders we post on our refrigerators. This year, get ahead of the game by adding your girl’s picture day outfit to your Billieblush cart. 

The  Metallic Rainbow Pleated Dress gives an effortlessly elegant look to your mini. With its shimmering rainbow of colors and lightweight fabric, this dress will definitely capture your girl’s bright personality behind the camera lens. Plus, the cutting-edge, chic look was designed with comfort in mind and she’ll remain relaxed and comfortable all day long.

Billieblush girls metallic pleated dress

Knitted Heart Sweatshirt

At Mini Dreamers, we understand that not every girl has the same style. Although some are looking to make a statement with bold patterns and bright colors, others are looking for something more toned-down but still fashionable. Billieblush also understands this and has curated its line specifically with the wide range of interest of little girls in mind.

If you’re looking for a design that’s a bit on the quieter side, the  Knitted Heart Sweatshirt is perfect for you. The blush pink color is softer than the hot pink details mentioned above and embraces femininity without immediately drawing too much attention. But, we still aren’t sacrificing fun patterns with this sweater; it’s just been made more minimalistic with one band of patterns across the front and a couple of details on the sleeve cuffs.

Billieblush girls sweater

Denim Jacket With Sequin Patches

Do you remember the days when your denim jackets would be covered in iron-on patches and embellished with other small, personalized details? We do too, and that’s why we’re so excited that there’s now a youth version for girls from Billieblush!

The  Denim Jacket With Sequin Patches harnesses the ’90s trend of decorated jean jackets with a variety of sequin patches, hot pink buttons, and other fun details. The ultra-cool arrangement of patches will take your little girl’s wardrobe to the next level and embraces her fun-loving personality. Despite its bold colors, we know this will be a jacket she wants to wear over and over again! (Pro tip: Pair the jacket with the  matching denim shorts for a fun two-piece set.)

Billieblush girls denim jacket

Dip Dye Sequin Heart Denim Jacket

But, maybe patches aren’t your girl’s thing. Maybe, she’s looking for a bold denim jacket that showcases her personality in a different way. The  Dip Dye Sequin Heart Denim Jacket substitutes the bright patches for a vibrant hot pink color in a dip dye style. 

Made from a comfortable stretch denim, the jacket is an elevated take on the classic layering piece. Perfect for breezy summer days or chill fall nights, this super fun jacket adds more than just a pop of color to any outfit. Pairs perfectly with the Cool Girl Denim Pants or the  matching shorts!

Billieblush girls denim shorts

Stars Colorblock Puffer Jacket

Although it may not seem like it now, we promise the temperatures will get colder eventually. When this time comes, you’ll want to make sure your little girl is bundled up and toasty warm while on the playground. Fortunately, Billieblush has multiple puffer coats to choose from, but our favorite is the  Stars Colorblock Puffer Jacket

This jacket embodies all of our favorite things about Billieblush’s designs: fun metallic material, vibrant pink and purple colors, and shimmering star details! Not only is this piece perfect for your little fashionista, but it’s also incredibly practical as well. Complete with an attached hood and a button flap over the zipper, this puffer provides the maximum level of warmth.

Billieblush girls puffer jacket

Want to see more Billieblush designs? Shop the extensive collection  here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like Billieblush at Mini Dreamers  here

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