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Chaser Kids Offers Retro and Vintage Style Clothing For Your Minis

Who says vintage and retro clothing has to be limited to adults? Chaser, a Los Angeles-based clothing company has created Chaser Kids, a line of vintage-inspired youth clothing which maintains today’s latest fashion trends.

Who says vintage and retro clothing has to be limited to adults?  Chaser, a Los Angeles-based clothing company has created a line of vintage-inspired youth clothing while maintaining today’s latest fashion trends. The children’s clothing brand has found a way to seamlessly blend vintage rock-and-roll energy with current modern streetwear trends. 

Featured by celebrities like Sutton Foster, Estefania Iglesias, and Blanca Blanco, Chaser has become widely celebrated among many fashion-forward celebrities and publications. Inspired by vintage fashion and music history, “the brand leans toward the direction of European taste-makers, tempered with a casual modernity.” As the self-proclaimed “authority on cool,” Chaser is always looking to move fashion forward by experimenting with different dyes and fabrics.  Chaser Kids is just one of many ways the brand positions itself to be fashion-forward.

When buying clothing for ourselves, we aim to express our personality, embody the latest trends, and tap into the authentic feel of vintage designs. Why should shopping for our kids be any different? With a strong emphasis on fit, fabrication, hand-feel, and construction, Chaser designs kids leggings, girls tops, boys tops, kids jackets, and more with this in mind. 

Here are Mini Dreamers’ Top 10 picks from Chaser:

Looking to dress up your little one’s standard t-shirt and jeans dress code? Look to this equally adorable and comfortable  Guitar Button Down Top. The button-down design will elevate any little boy’s style, adding a hint of hipster-chic to his wardrobe. Plus, the breezy material and short-sleeve design ensures this is breathable enough for him to run around in! We recommend pairing this trendy button-down with Chaser’s  Marmo Biker Paneled Shorts.

Chaser kids Boys button down top

Denim Mineral Wash Sundress

Similarly, if you’re looking for a cute, yet casual, way to add some dressier items to your little girl’s closet, the Chaser  Denim Mineral Wash Sundress is perfect for almost any occasion. Whether you’re headed to a summer pool party, a spring picnic, or a fall pumpkin patch, this dress is the perfect closet staple. Throw it over a swimsuit in the summer, or layer with a pair of  Chaser kids leggings and a jacket, and she can wear this dress all year round!

Chaser kids girls sundress

Stars Party Matching Set

Few things are more trendy in the fashion world these days than matching sets. From loungewear like two-piece sweat suits to casual wear like matching skirts and tops, there’s a matching set for nearly every occasion, and who says your little ones can’t join in on the trend? The Chaser girls Stars Party Matching Set is the coziest way to introduce your little girl to the latest fashion trend. The beautiful lilac color and bold star designs will complement her bold, eye-catching personality. Although the  sweatshirt and  sweatpants are sold separately, we highly recommend purchasing both pieces together — trust us, your little girl will be the most stylish kid at the slumber party!

Chaser kids girls sweat set

Solid Matching Sweat Set

Don’t worry, there’s definitely a few matching set options for your little boys, too! Our favorite is the Solid Super Soft  Crew Neck and  Sweatpants. But, these aren’t your generic boys’ sweatpants. True to Chaser’s brand mission, this sweat set has been designed with style and fashion at the forefront. The muted blue color makes this neutral set one that can be worn on any occasion, plus the white details along the sides add a sleek and dynamic retro look to what would have otherwise been a standard crew neck and pair of sweatpants. Pair this set with the matching blue and white  Jordy Sneakers, and his playground outfit will be the star of the show!

Chaser kids boys sweat set

Neon Star T-Shirt & Matching Skort

Looking for a matching set that’s a little more dressed up than a sweat set? The  Neon Star T-Shirt and  Skort is our favorite everyday look for your little girl. This t-shirt leans toward the minimalist route and features only one large shooting star design on the front. But, the skort is the perfect complement to the white t-shirt, adding a busier, bolder pattern to the outfit. Plus, the skort itself is a hot topic in the fashion world today as the ’90s trend begins to make a comeback! Not only is the shooting star skort a fashionable statement piece of clothing, but it’s also functional and allows your little girl to run around and play just as comfortably as if she were wearing shorts!

Chaser kids girls matching set

Lightning Bolt Skort

Add a bit of rock-n-roll edge to your little girl’s wardrobe with Chaser’s  Lightning Bolt Skort. The black skort with bold purple lighting bolts harnesses the music-inspired look that Chaser strives for, creating a nostalgic design with a youthful and child-like twist. Perfect for laid-back fashion icons, the neutral base color of the skort matches perfectly with nearly any top and, as previously mentioned, offers comfort and functionality for her active lifestyle. We recommend pairing this skirt with a Chaser  band tee and the  Star Sneakers to allow your little one to truly embrace her inner rock star.

Chaser kids girls skort

Snow Leopard Velvet Moto Jacket 

Take this edge one step further with the  Chaser Snow Leopard Velvet Moto Jacket (and  matching ruffle skort, if you want to make it a set!). Sure, your little girl won’t be hopping on a motorcycle any time soon, but she can certainly start embracing the iconic biker- and vintage-inspired fashion trends with pieces like this kids jacket while she’s still young. Details like asymmetrical zippers and a bold animal print add unique and fearless energy to the neutral jackets already hanging in her closet. But, functionality and comfort were not forgotten when designing this piece. Sure, this jacket mirrors the look of that leather jacket that may be hanging in your own closet, but as opposed to its counterpart, the snow leopard velvet jacket is much less structured. Made from 97% polyester and 3% spandex, this jacket is stretchy and allows your little girl to move around and play without restriction.

Chaser kids girls jacket

Pink Floyd T-Shirt

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about the largest music icons of all time. Of course, Chaser wouldn’t be Chaser without the in-depth inspiration they’ve drawn from the music industry, and they have a long line of band tees to prove it. Specifically, their youth band tees include The Grateful Dead, David Bowie, and Pink Floyd. The  Pink Floyd tee is our favorite because of the bold colors and attention to detail in the abstract illustration. We especially love how the wash and design of this shirt was created to mimic that of a vintage concert tee. We strongly encourage gifting this t-shirt to your little one while indulging in Pink Floyd’s best hits on Spotify!

 Chaser kids boys band tee

Future World Leader T-Shirt

Just like it’s never too early to introduce your kids to the best performers of all time, it’s also never too early to instill a sense of empowerment in them. That’s why Chaser’s  Future World Leader T-Shirt is one of our favorite staple items, because there’s nothing small about the way your mini can dream. Embracing the classic baseball tee style, this three-quarter length sleeve t-shirt is perfect for a mild day as your child runs around with endless imagination and creativity in his system.

Chase kids baseball tee

Mickey Mouse Comic Tiered Skirt

Nothing screams “vintage” more than comic books, and if there’s one thing that never goes out of style, it’s Disney. The  Chaser Mickey Mouse Comic Tiered Skirt proves both of those points. As part of the Chaser x Disney exclusively licensed line, this skirt adds a bold, multicolored pattern to whatever top you pair with it. Plus, the tiered structure of the skirt makes the item extra fancy — perfect for twirling — and is a wardrobe must-have for the girly girl in your life!

Chaser kids Disney skirt

The next time you’re shopping for yourself and adding the latest vintage- and retro-inspired trends to your closet, don’t forget about your little ones! Just because they’re young doesn’t mean they can’t be just as fashion-forward as you are, and Mini Dreamers is here to help your minis be the best-dressed kids on the block!

Want to see more Chaser Kids designs? Shop the extensive collection  here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like Chaser at Mini Dreamers  here

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