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June 13, 2018

Trending : Rainbows | Mini Dreamers

You may recall “Somewhere over the rainbow” the famous lyrics Dorothy sings inA Wizard of Oz. Rainbows have always been used to symbolize positivity. Now they also represent love and inclusion, such as in the LGBTQ movement. Nothing personifies positivity and love more than a rainbow! Maya Angelou said it best to, “Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud”. So we’re not surprised to see the feel-good figure is having a major moment, especially in turbulent times. Here is a selection of pieces guaranteed to uplift both you, your kid, and your kid’s wardrobe.


Spiritual Gangster: May We all be Happy and Free Rainbow Hoodie



This Spiritual Gangster “May We all Be Happy and Free” Rainbow Hoodie is a perfect representation of the bright and symbolic meaning behind rainbows. Your kid will be spreading peace and smiles with rainbow sleeve striped sporty hoodie.


Spiritual Gangster: Namaste Rainbow Tank Top



Spiritual Gangster’s Namaste Rainbow Tank Top is great for mother-daughter yoga sessions or a peaceful day out and about in the summer heat. Pair with the Flowers by Zoe Tie Dye Ruffle Shorts below for the perfect rainbow sherbet look. 


Flowers By Zoe: Tie Dye Ruffle Shorts



Flowers By Zoe’s Tie Dye Ruffle Shorts are totally rainbow trendy. The ruffles plus the colorful mix makes it not only stylish- but iconic! We love the soft, stretchy material with the elastic band that only proves comfortability. Super versatile shorts that can be worn over bathing suits and paired with many different colored tops.


Flowers by Zoe: Rainbow Romper



Flowers By Zoe’s Rainbow Romper has the prettiest baby blue that matches so well with the rainbows. We love the details at the top with its lace neckline and elastic spaghetti straps. Perfect for everyday wear with the comfortable material that’ll make it easy for your little gal to run around in.  


Esme: Rainbow Short Sleeve Pajama Set



Esme’s Rainbow Short Sleeve Pajama set is the cutest sleepwear. The print makes it a fashionable piece for sleepovers and something every little girl should have because it’s such a unique piece. Your girl will actually be excited to go to bed because she’ll get to  wear this (which is a bonus for you moms). You’re welcome!


Tutu Du Monde: Rainbow Swirl Tutu Dress



Tutu Du Monde’s Rainbow Swirl Tutu Dress is a representation of rainbows and elegance mixed in for a beautifully designed dress that is perfect for any fancy event or photo shoot. The embroidered stars and pastel rainbow have such a cute soft shade of colors that make it look so dreamy and something out of a magazine.


Billieblush: Terry Rainbow Romper



Billieblush’s Terry Rainbow Romper is effortlessly chic. With the bows as ties and the rainbow colored elastic band in the middle, it gives out a more mature vibe. You can also wear a white t-shirt underneath which adds more cuteness to this outfit or as a bathing suit coverup.


Pilyq: Sparkle Rainbow Embroidered Two Piece Bikini



Pilyq’s Sparkle Rainbow Embroidered Two Piece Bikini is proof that rainbow colors also can be boho chic and understated. The fact that this is designed as a swimsuit is ten times better! With elastic ties on the tie and a criss cross on the back, your little gal will be the most fashionable one at the pool. Also, very insta worthy outfit. We’ll be excitingly keeping an eye out for someone wearing this!


Pilyq: Embroidered Heart Bikini



When we visualize a stylish outfit: hearts, rainbow, and sequins come to mind. Pilyq’s Embroidered Heart Bikini-swimsuit is so trendy and cute, with its double tie halter and elastic fit, it’s something that we’re positive other mom’s will be asking you about. Let this be also an example of something we wished came in adult size for us fans of the rainbow trend.


Chibella: Rainbow Trucker Hat



Nothing makes more of a rainbow statement than Chibella’s Rainbow Trucker Hat. An accessory to protect your girl against the sun doesn’t have to be boring! This pastel rainbow with pink color on the hat band is the perfect addition to the outfits above.


Lilies & Roses: Rainbow Clip Set of Two



This Lilies & Roses Rainbow Clip set is an absolute summer necessity. We have mentioned in our other blogs how much we love sparkles and to see it combined with rainbows just makes us ecstatic. Having these pinned in your little girl's hair while it’s in a two buns hairdo or a ponytail will look way too cute.  

Ooahooah: Sunshine Basket Bag



This Ooahooah Sunshine Basket Bag is the trendy piece we’re heels over head for… just imagine your little gal carrying this around. We love the rainbow and sun patches so much as it’s a unique touch to the plain basket bag. We promise you that your little gal will love it as much as we do.


Mini Dreamers: Tassel Rainbow Necklace



Sometimes a pop of colors on one accessory is exactly what you need to complete an outfit and the Mini Dreamers Tassel Rainbow Necklace fits the criteria perfectly. A fashion statement is made with the tassles and rainbow colors, and keeps with the trend of tassels as well as layered necklaces that is so popular right now.


Add some of these options to your cart to brighten up your kids summer wardrobe! :)






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