June : Customer of the Month

June 05, 2018

June : Customer of the Month | Mini Dreamers


 We love our growing community of parents and kids! It means so much to us seeing your cute kids in Mini Dreamers for birthdays, vacations, special moments, and even everyday events. Since you make us feel so special we want to make you feel special too. Every month we will pick our fav Mini Dreamers shoppers, clebrate them, and get their style tips as well as parenting wisdom! Check out our featured customer for June.

Dana Spano, is our customer of the month for June!! Dana is from Westfield, New Jersey and is a mother of two. When she’s not watching her favorite kids movie,Moana, with her girls, she is hunting down the latest fashion trends.

How cute are the girls both wearing theOh Baby! All Over Metallic Unicorn Short Romper


We asked Dana to describe her style. She said she wears, “ lots of contemporary brands but also a little bit of glitz or bling”. She also dresses based on occasion. For a day at the beach or pool, one of her favorite family activities, she’ll dress very beachy and boho. On how she styles her kids she says,  “I dress my kids very similar to how I look. They are very on trend and also always have some sort of glitz in their outfits”.



The Luna Luna Perlina Pearl Tulle Dress is a perfect representation of Dana’s style used for her daughters’ family photo shoot


Dana’s favorite children’s clothing brands include: Tutu Du Monde for fancier occasions and t2 Love, Flowers by Zoe, and Joah Love for everyday wear. She finds these items on our site because, “Mini Dreamers has items that you cannot find at other stores. I shop around a lot and I always find unique items that no one else has. They carry both everyday clothes and clothes for special occasions. It is a one-stop shop for everything that anyone needs to complete his or her wardrobe.” We love how Dana styles her children in our clothing options whether it be for a day at the beach or a family photoshoot.



Mandala Coverup by Skemo also represents Dana’s casual, unique and extremely cute taste


It’s really no wonder why Dana’s daughter’s first word was “Mama”. Not only is she a fashionista but a caring and thoughtful parent. Dana loves her daughter’s dance moves and that her daughter likes to shake her booty and run wild after she takes a bath. She jokes that her daughter, “definitely knows how to dance!”


On days that aren’t so easy to be a parent, she reflects on her own upbring and lessons from her parents. They taught her to, “Have patience and never take out your anger on your kids. Patience is key with being a parent. Never go to bed angry or frustrated with your kids. Also, to always have fun and family is the number one priority in life!”



The incredibly adorable piece ‘Oh Me Oh My Onesie from Tutu Du Monde


The last piece of advice Dana wants new parents to know is,always have fun and make the best of things. Do not stress over the small things because that will get you nowhere. A little mess or mistake that your kids make can always be fixed so do not get frustrated!”


Like Dana’s trendy and glitz style? Here are some more similar but unique items from each collection of Tutu De Monde, Joah Love and Flowers by Zoe you can find on Minidreamers:

Tutu Du Monde: Walk of Fame Onesie



Since Dana loves blitz, we know this Tutu Du Monde onesie is a perfect example of what would describe her exact sparky- taste, with a unique look of a halter-top that is adjusted easily with a ribbon tie. It also has the cutest ruffles embellished AND stars. Definitely the right look for a similar photo shoot Dana had with her daughters!


Joah Love: Heart T-shirt and Bloomers Set



This is right up Dana’s alley of stylish everyday look by Joah Love. Because the bloomers dress up the minimal t-shirt, it shows that even everyday looks can have some pizazz! This look could work as a cover up for a day on a white sand beach. It’s the perfect easy take-it-off and run into the water type of clothing, but still can be worn to dinners and such paired with an embellished jean jacket.


Flowers By Zoe: Pom Pom Tie Dye dress



If you’ve seen Dana’s daughter in that boho chic dress, you know she looks amazing! We’re thrilled to showcase this Flowers by Zoe dress because we know your girl can rock it too! This dress is a classic tie-dye dress with a unique twist - colorful pom poms. A special item you can’t find anywhere else!


Happy shopping Mini Dreamers! Thank you Dana for sharing your wisdom and style secrets with us. We can’t wait to see what new outfits you and your girls come up with!

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