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Mini Dreamers 2 Year Anniversary!

I guess it's true what they say “time flies when you’re having fun”! Can you believe it's already the 2 year anniversary of Mini Dreamers? We started off as two sisters, Melody and Michelle, with a dream and here we are with mini dreamers world-wide wearing the clothes on our site. We wanted to celebrate this amazing moment with you all by sharing more about the inspiration behind the Mini Dreamers movement and our wishes for what is to come!
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I guess it's true what they say “time flies when you’re having fun”! Can you believe it's already the 2 year anniversary of Mini Dreamers? We started off as two sisters, Melody and Michelle, with a dream and here we are with mini dreamers world-wide wearing the clothes on our site. We wanted to celebrate this amazing moment with you all by sharing more about the inspiration behind the Mini Dreamers movement and our wishes for what is to come!


Let’s start off with when we came up with the idea:

Melody: I always wanted to have my own store or line in fashion ever since high school. But it really came to life when Michelle pushed me and told me to follow my dream. She stood by me and told me she would help me get there. This was all done 6 months before we launched in 2016.

Michelle: Yeah, my sister always wanted to open a storefront, but I pushed her to do it online, because of the way the digital climate had changed. So one day we got up and were like ‘Let’s do it!’


Michelle & Melody - Mini Dreamers

Some sister-sister photo-op action in our home city - Los Angeles.


Who came up with the “Mini Dreamers” name and how did it come to us:

Melody: It was a group effort lol. We went back and forth on names, color, font, etc. We realized we wanted the name to have a meaning and be inspiring. I came to Michelle with the idea of having something with dream and we played with it until it worked!

Michelle: It was definitely an evolving idea. The name is also very fitting because my sister and I are both dreamers and we really like to push boundaries. Not to mention, kids today are so forward thinking! People draw inspiration from kids and kids ambition, especially in today’s climate. That’s what we wanted our name to represent.


Melody Nabati

Melody, Mini Dreamers Founder.


How our unique style and perspective influences Mini Dreamers clothing selection:

Michelle: The first time my sister and I went to the showroom we were trying to play it safe but I really really pushed for getting the really crazy styles because that’s the kind of shopper I am. When you’re shopping for kids they can get away wearing more things than adults can. I really really wanted to get the more fun, fringe, sequins items that I couldn’t wear (haha) but I know it would look really cute on kids. Basically, anything I wish I could wear. I love when little kids are wearing tutu dresses and look like little puff balls, or disco balls with all the sequence – just really cute. So when you look back on your baby pictures you could be like ‘wow I was such a cool kid’.

Melody: I’m definitely more classic. I like to buy pieces I can get a lot of use out of and style with other pieces. I bring this to Mini Dreamers because a lot of moms want outfits and styles that are more versatile. However, through the business, my own style has changed a bit. Now, I’m more colorful and vibrant. I feel like I started to see the world through a kid’s perspective and incorporate that sense of fun and brightness in my style.


Michelle Nabati - Mini Dreamers

Michelle, Mini Dreamers Founder.


If you’re wondering how it is working with your sister… read on:

Melody: It was tough at first because we have two different personalities and work methods. But it's been really amazing to go through that with her. I learned that different people have different ways of working and you have to adapt to that. Just because you have your way of doing something doesn’t make it right or wrong. In order to run a business you have to realize there needs to be diversity. So at first it was challenging, but we learned to respect each other and our work methods. There’s no one else I would have wanted to start a business with and have grown closer as sisters and friends from it.


Michelle: I agree it took time to adjust but now its a lot of fun. I learned a lot from her and we learn a lot from each other. I just feel like collaborating with your sister, especially two females, is really empowering. I’m so proud of her because she’s super involved in the business side and I’m so inspired by her everyday. Overall, it's been so fun and exciting.


Michelle & Melody Nabati - Mini Dreamers2 year anniversary mini dreamers

In the words of Drake “nails done, hair done, everything did” #WeddingSeason


What motivates us to be female business owners and run Mini Dreamers:

Melody: I love when my customers text me pictures about how happy they are and how cute their kids look. I feel so appreciated and included in special memories like the kids first day of school, family vacations, wedding ceremonies, and more. It feels amazing to know I helped the moms and made their lives easier. It also feels great when I get such good feedback on the unique pieces I select from brands. It's so nice that other moms are so supportive of what I’m creating and doing. Helping my customers everyday is what motivates me.

I like to look at the the big picture - dressing up the future kids of tomorrow and making them feel like they can be as fun, open, and different as they want to be. A lot people do not understand the correlation of dressing well and feeling like a boss. When you dress well and you feel good, you are empowered to do better. Also, how you dress is an expression of who you are and how you feel. I pick pieces that give kids the opportunity to express themselves. Because I know that clothes have the power to change culture, which is something that really excites me.


2 year anniversary mini dreamers

We love tropical vacations so we can wear fun prints, bright colors, and trendy glasses.


How do we express ourselves through fashion:

Melody: I have different looks depending on my mood haha. I usually wear bright fun colors. I’m more matchy and classic but I also love dressing down in streetwear and athletic clothes. I love accessorizing and investing in good pieces I can get a lot of use out of. Currently, really into anything rainbow and colorful! I’m also really inspired by travel. I love traveling to new and exciting places, which helps me to get inspired, get out of the LA bubble, and see the way other cultures live. We just went to Cuba and all the colors and vintage cars were so incredible.

Everybody who knows me knows that I always have really crazy nails. I feel like I can tell a lot about people from their manicure. I just had holographic nails. I use to have pink hair in 10th grade. I love dressing in neon and things that move me. I never dress in black (unless I’m wearing another color that pops). I like that my style makes others feel they can be daring too.


Mini Dreamers in Cuba

Cuban Mini Dreamers Adventure

Us in a vintage car exploring Cuba!


How will we dress our kids when we’re moms:

Michelle: It’s hard to think about that when I’m 25 but I envision my kids being the girls who wear Tutu Du Monde tutu dress with combat boots and have crazy curly hair like me. And so free-spirited. I also love the gypsy- boho style so they can run around and be free. I also have a streetwear side so I will definitely get my kids some Jordans.

Trendy, diva, tutus, and rainbows, and colors! I think it's so fun when your kids get to express themselves and get excited to wear clothes – mixing and matching everything. The more color the better. I also like the punk rocker look, so both of our kids will be rocking tutu dresses and combat boots. I mean it’s the only time you can really do it! When you’re older you can’t get away with all these fun styles.


Our favorite children's clothing brands:

Michelle: I like the really fun brands - Loud Apparel has great prints and Milk and Soda has trendy accessories that really pop. Also Spiritual Gangster Kids because I like their streetwear styles mixed with positive messages.

Loud Apparel - Fuzzy LA Zip Up Hoodie   Spiritual Gangster - Tulip Sweatshirt and Sweatpants

Loud apparel - fuzzy LA zip up hoodieSpiritual Gangster - Tulip SweatshirtSpiritual Gangster - Sweatpants


Milk  & Soda - Jetset Neon Backpack  and  Milk and Soda - Kingston Mirrored  Sunglasses

Milk  & Soda - Jetset Neon Backpack Milk and Soda - Kingston Mirrored  Sunglasses

Melody: Ice Cream Castles has my favorite prints - they’re always so fun. Flowers by Zoe is my favorite for girls, I always get positive texts from customers saying I pick really unique pieces from the collections. Someday Soon is also great for boys for their inspirational quotes and positive message.


 Someday Soon - I Will Change The World Tshirt and Adventure Banana Leaves Sweatpants  


Someday Soon - I Will Change The World Tshirt Someday Soon - Adventure Banana Leaves Sweatpants


Flowers by Zoe - Denim Patch and Pearl Jacket  and Rainbow Lightening Bolt Long Sleeve Dress


Flowers by Zoe - Denim Patch and Pearl Jacket  Flowers by Zoe -  Rainbow Lightening Bolt Long Sleeve Dress


Ice Cream Castles - Light Pink Zip Up Unicorn Hoodie and Bottoms (Coming Soon)


Ice Cream Castles - Light Pink Zip Up Unicorn Hoodie Ice Cream Castles - and Bottoms (Coming Soon)

What is our vision for Mini Dreamers:

Michelle: Melody always reminds me “learn how to walk before you run” but I hope Mini Dreamers becomes a household name and a movement. One day we will have pop up stores and an app for kids. I hope mini dreamers helps create a lifestyle where parents are not afraid to individualize their kids and help them become the leaders of tomorrow. I truly believe your young years are your most impressionable years. You’ll be more daring and have the confidence to be a leader that creates change.

Melody: I really hope that it continues to grow and more moms find it easier to shop online with us. I want to make their lives more seamless and so they can have a fun, easy experience. More pop ups and maybe one day a storefront. I want parents to continue to trust our brand, our vision, and dressing their kids for their special moments.


Punta Mita - MIni Dreamers

We love family vacations - this was taken in Punta Mita.


Something we want readers to know about us:

Michelle: I use to be professional dancer at Millennium, which is how my style evolved. They dressed so confidently and had crazy hair and shoes. I would see how they would dress, their attitude/swag, and see that it was a lifestyle and emulate it. I always wanted to have that same confidence. Since I have a conservative family, I definitely stood out as the only one wearing sneakers and a dress to mother's day brunch. But I’m thankful they support my individuality and dreams, including Mini Dreamers. Even when they challenge me I know it comes from a good place and helps me assert myself even more.


Melody: I like to try new activities and in general be active. I was a cheerleader in high school and use to play soccer.  I continue to be active physically and mentally through tennis, yoga, boxing, oil painting, hiking, and anything that peaks my interest to try. I need some time everyday for myself to unwind from the busyness of the day and maintain a healthy balance between my social life and the business that I love.

Also I want to give credit to my mom for my creativity and artistic side. I remember she would make my clothes by hand, adding embellishments and trimmings to match. My dad was business oriented and a leader. I definitely get my strength and knowledge in that department from him.


Mini Dreamers Family

Family picture + some friendly farm animals at Michelle’s farm themed 25th birthday.


Both: Since our dad passed away, the rest of our family members really make an effort to come to our events and be so supportive. We’re so lucky and thankful to have a strong support team behind us to help us get to where we are today including our amazing mom, brother, uncles, and cousins.

Mini Dreamers Family

Our amazing support team: brother, mom, and dad (watching over us now).
Yellow is definitely our family color symbolizing life and loyalty.
Thank you to all our friends, family, and customers for being with us on this journey. We are so thankful for all your support!!

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