Customer of the Month: August

August 29, 2018

Customer of the Month: August | Mini Dreamers

Every month we pick our fav Mini Dreamers shoppers, celebrate them, and get their style tips and parenting wisdom. Check out our featured customer for August.

This month we are featuring the lovely Samantha Cutler, from Pacific Palisades, mother of three-year-old Gia and seven-year-old Shia.

The Cutlers - Customer of the Month

The Cutlers cutely color-coordinating at a Petite n’ Pretty party.  

Samantha’s personal style is more athleisure – leggings and a t-shirt or a button-down shirt with some tennis shoes. She loves to mix and match different prints and colors.

Her son, Shia, tends to wear black, white and blue colored clothing that is on the simpler side. He doesn’t like a ton of prints and logos. He wears a lot of Nununu, Munster, and Joah Love. He also recently has gotten into shoes – especially Jordans! For only being seven, Samantha says he has a very dry and witty sense of humor, along with big dreams!  

Loud Apparel

Shia is wearing a black trendy star shirt, Loud Apparel shorts, and Adidas sneakers.

 Here are some similar picks to Shia’s cool and minimalist style: 

Joah Love - Tyce Star Long Sleeve Tshirt &Loud Apparel - Fringe Sweatpants

Joah Love - Tyce Star Long Sleeve Tshirt Loud Apparel - Fringe Sweatpants

Gia’s style is extremely feminine, and she only wants to wear pink. She literally re-named herself from Gia Green to Gia Pink! She also loves shorts and rompers. She lovesLauren Moshi,Flowers by Zoe andBillieblush. She will often mix her very girlie outfits with tennis shoes – like high top Vans or Nike Jordans. She tends to do this because they’re comfortable.


Gia Louise Misha Reka Dress

Gia is posing in a pretty and pink dress, similar toLouise Misha’s Reka Dress 

Here are some Pretty in Pink looks inspired by Gia’s style:

Appman - Iridescent Fuzzy Bottoms    

Appman - Iridescent Fuzzy Bottoms

Loveshackfancy – Flutter Sleeve Lace Top & Hannah Embroidered Lace Skirt

Loveshackfancy – Flutter Sleeve Lace Top Loveshackfancy – Hannah Embroidered Lace Skirt

Samantha’s favorite children’s clothing brand is Munster. She explains, “they really do a great job at making unique patterns, comfortable, and chic clothing that both of my kids enjoy wearing!” She also loves their soft jean pants with the elastic waist, hailing them as “genius!” Her son “only wears those when he needs to ‘dress up’ but he enjoys wearing those particular pants because they are comfortable to wear.”


The kids in their comfy school wear- Get a similar skull look like Shia’s withNununu’s Skull Robot Sweatpants and Appman’s Skull Long Sleeve Tshirt

Here are some of Munster’s super comfortable elastic waist shorts, pants, and leggings:

Kash Distressed Shorts   Sun Bleached Sweatpants  Star Sweatpants

Kash Distressed ShortsSun Bleached ShortsStar Sweatpants

When we asked her why she likes to shop with us, she exclaims, “I love to shop onMini Dreamers because you have the most amazing selection of clothing for both of my children. I also am a full-time working Mom, and I do not have time to pick outfits out in the morning before school. Mini Dreamers always carries matching pants/tops, and full outfits. I find that a lot of local stores in LA will only carry ‘one piece’ from a collection and it forces me to fix and match with multiple brands – which is a major pet peeve of mine”.


We’re so happy we could make your life a little easier, Samantha!

Customer of the month August

Aw we’re melting at this sibling photo! Gia is wearing a colorful skirt - getBillieblush’s Tutu Layered Tulle Skirt or Lola & the Boys’ Rainbow Sequin Tutu for a similar style.


Gorgeous Gia in Lauren Moshi, get the Lips Pullover Sweatshirt and the Les Tout Petit Butterfly Ruffle Romper.

In terms of parenting, Samantha’s one piece of parenting advice is to, “cherish the moment” this is important because “so many Moms and Dads [are] on their phones, and not engaged with their children”. She’s now seeing first hand “how fast children grow up”, like everyone says. “Shia is already going into second grade,” she says in disbelief and that, “it seriously seems like only yesterday he was going into pre-school”.

We totally agree! It’s so important to appreciate these moments with your children and make time for your kids and for long-lasting memories together.

Customer of the Month August

While being a full-time mom, Samantha is also the founder ofPetite ‘n Pretty.

Petite ‘n Pretty is a new beauty category on a mission to empower young creatives to explore, express and embrace their individuality with products developed just for them. With proven-safe and age-appropriate lip gloss, glitter, eyeshadows and applicators for growing features, the brand inspires the next gen to redefine pretty as a feeling inside us all and proves that big imaginations should never be underestimated. Petite ‘n Pretty is here to make everyone’s first (and forever) beauty experience a positive one because when it comes to pretty, there’s no wrong way to let it shine.



We love Petite ‘n Pretty’s mission and excited for many creative collaborations with Mini Dreamers in the future! Click here to check out their glittery glosses and more.

Thank you, Samantha and the Cutlers, for being loyal Mini Dreamers shoppers and for all the inspiration from your style and parenting tips to your creative business endeavors! :))

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