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MC2 Saint Barth Looks Your Mini Can Wear Year-round

From iconic graphic tees to adorable girls dresses and even tote bags, you don’t have to limit your MC2 Saint Barth shopping experience to the summer months. 

Although  MC2 Saint Barth is best known for its fabulous collection of kids swimsuits and beachwear, there are several pieces in the brand’s collection that can be worn year-round. From iconic graphic tees to adorable girls dresses and even tote bags, you don’t have to limit your MC2 Saint Barth shopping experience to the summer months. Inspired by the colors of the Caribbean, MC2 Saint Barth intends to elevate the wardrobes of little jetsetters across the globe.

Here are Mini Dreamers’ favorite looks from MC2 Saint Barth that your mini can wear year-round:

Graphic Tees

St. Tropez Tshirt

Graphic Tees are always in season, and the MC2 Saint Barth  St. Tropez Tshirt is the perfect piece to embrace the vibes of summer, even during the wintertime. A bold blue embroidery against a crisp white fabric makes this shirt clean, on trend, and is sure to become your mini’s favorite go-to.

mc2 saint barth kids graphic tee

Superman Tshirt

Channel your mini’s inner hero with the MC2 Saint Barth  Superman Tshirt! The iconic Superman logo is bold and vibrant against the bright blue fabric of this graphic tee. Plus, the shirt is made from a super-soft fabric that is guaranteed to keep your mini comfortable no matter where their superhero adventures take them throughout the day.

mc2 saint barth kids graphic tee

Bandana Pocket Tshirt

There’s nothing more classically casual yet stylish than a pocket tee, and MC2 Saint Barth has your mini covered with the  Bandana Pocket Tshirt. The all-white design of this shirt is elevated by the green bandana print on the chest pocket, making this tee simplistically charming. 

mc2 saint barth kids pocket tee

Batman Tshirt

If your mini prefers Batman over Superman, get him dressed his best and ready to protect all of Gotham City with the MC2 Saint Barth  Batman Tshirt. The classic Batman logo is printed as a stark contrast against the black fabric of the shirt, which is guaranteed to make him stand out in the crowd.

mc2 saint barth batman tee

Mykonos Embroidered Tshirt

The perfect pairing to the St. Tropez tee, the MC2 Saint Barth  Mykonos Embroidered Tshirt will keep your mini classy and charming all year long. The luxuriously soft style has a crisp, clean appearance embellished with a vibrant blue print across the front!

mc2 saint barth kids graphic tee

Rolling Stones Checkered Tongue Tshirt

Give your mini a bit of a rockstar’s edge with the MC2 Saint Barth  Rolling Stones Checkered Tongue Tshirt. The classic Rolling Stones logo gets a classic preppy twist with the checkered pattern. This vintage-inspired band tee is perfect for kids who love to rock ’n roll!

mc2 saint barth kids band tee

Going To St Barth Tshirt

Embrace the vibe of MC2 Saint Barth fully with the  Going To St. Barth Tshirt. The on-trend text of this graphic tee design has a minimalistic feel while the red text stands out vibrantly against the white fabric. Made from a comfortable, lightweight material, this tee will quickly become a go-to in your mini’s closet!

mc2 saint barth kids graphic tee


Bandana Patch Lenor Dress

The MC2 Saint Barth  Bandana Patch Lenor Dress is the perfect piece to layer with a denim jacket and a pair of girls leggings. The bold colors and vintage-inspired bandana print of this dress make it incredibly charming and perfect to wear during any season.

mc2 saint barth girls dress

Crochet Floral Lenor Dress

The MC2 Saint Barth  Crochet Floral Lenor Dress is a more subtle alternative to the Bandana Patch Lenor Dress! Although it is still perfect for layering with a jacket and leggings, the white fabric of this dress makes it a more neutral staple piece. But, the crochet fabric and multicolored floral accents still give it a fun, chic look.

mc2 saint barth girls dress


Saint Barth Straw Small Bag

Every little girl needs a fabulous handbag she can carry around wherever she goes. The MC2  Saint Barth Straw Small Bag is the perfect addition to nearly any outfit. The straw material and color of this bag will elevate her style in a breezy and effortless way. No matter what she’s toting around in there, we guarantee this bag will add extra elegance to all of her outfits!

mc2 saint barth girls tote

Sunflower Crochet Tote Bag

For the little ray of sunshine in your life, the MC2 Saint Barth  Sunflower Crochet Tote Bag is an accessory that is just as bright and fun as she is! This vintage-inspired bag is made from a plush crochet material and features an adorable sunflower pattern across the front. Whether she’s carrying this from the pool to the playground or she’s adding it to her favorite fall outfit, this tote bag is sure to bring a bright light to any season.

mc2 saint barth girls tote

Want to see more MC2 Saint Barth designs? Shop the extensive collection  here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like MC2 Saint Barth at Mini Dreamers  here.

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