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September 21, 2018

Trending Now: Camo | Mini Dreamers

It's pretty ironic that camo does, indeed, make you stand out in the crowd. Normally reserved for battlefields, hunting, or hipster fashion, the camouflage print is now spotted everywhere especially in street style! With all the different types of camo prints, we’ve listed 6 pairs that feature unique designs that add individuality and instant edge. No sneaking up on style with this trend!

Baby Steps - Camo Thermal PJs

Baby Steps - Camo Thermal PJs

Baby Steps’ Camo Thermal PJs print is what will catch your little one’s eye, but the familiar fit will make it a favorite. The all-over camo print in grey tones is personality packed with comfort that makes it a must-have for cool sleep-wear.


Joah Love - Quentin Camo Sweatpants&Camo Sweatshirt

Joah Love - Quentin Camo Sweatpants Joah Love -  Camo Sweatshirt

Joah Love’s Quentin Camo Sweatshirt and Camo Sweatshirt is a cool casual look with a slim fit for a polished and stylish sweatsuit look. This is a versatile look that can be worn throughout the whole year and mixed and matched! Pair with grey Nike sneakers for a sporty look for school or running errands with mom.


Soft Gallery - Camo Tiger Sweatshirt &Camo Tiger Sweatpants

Soft Gallery - Camo Tiger SweatshirtSoft Gallery -  Camo Tiger Sweatpants

“Scout out” in this this cool Soft Gallery Camo Tiger Sweatshirt and Sweatpants. We like the cuffed ankles on the sweatpants to show of your stylish sneaks. Pair with black vans and black or green tee. Switch out the sweatshirt for a jean jacket to style this look in different ways and get real use out of it.


Joah Love -Duke Camo Double Sleeve Top &Inga Camo Leggings

Joah Love -Duke Camo Double Sleeve Top Joah Love - Inga Camo Leggings

For a much more edgy look, this Joah Love Duke Camo Double Sleeve Top and Inga Camo Leggings, your little one will be looking like a rockstar anywhere, anytime. We like the unique black shirt with camo sleeves underneath that gives a nice layered look to go with the fitted camo leggings. Pair with Converse sneakers and black sunglasses for a complete outfit.


Plastic Jus - Camo Skull Bunny Zip Up Hoodie &Camo Skull Bunny Sweatpants

Plastic Jus - Camo Skull Bunny Zip Up HoodiePlastic Jus -  Camo Skull Bunny Sweatpants

For a punk rock or a “rockabilly” style (defined as a genre of music that combines both rock and country music) is Plastic Jus’ Camo Skull Bunny Zip Up Hoodie and Camo Skull Bunny Sweatpants. If your little guy is into this edgy type of style give him a mini mohawk and pair with Vans sneakers. Your little one will want to rock this trendy camo set to school, playdates, and lazy days at home.


Sol Angeles - Tropical Camo Tshirt &Tropical Camo Hacci Sweatpants

Sol Angeles - Tropical Camo Tshirt Sol Angeles - Tropical Camo Hacci Sweatpants

For a more hipster, beachy feel while still incorporating the camo trend, this Sol Angeles Tropical Camo Tshirt and Tropical Camo Hacci Sweatpants is the right match. A trendy set that can be worn at the beach or to an amusement park and gives out a stylish vibe with the modern designs of the print.


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