Trending for Girls: Mermaids

July 20, 2018

Trending for Girls: Mermaids | Mini Dreamers

Do you remember the first time you watched Disney’sThe Little Mermaid? Or how about 90s classicMermaidswith Cher. Capture the magic all over again and in real life with these magicalmermaid pieces we have on Mini Dreamers. These mermaid pieces are FINtastic for your little gals! Take a quick look at our trending mermaid outfits for girls:

Shade Critters - Mermaid with Tutu One Piece

Shade Critters - Mermaid With Tutu One PieceShade Critters - Mermaid With Tutu One Piece

TheShade Critters Mermaid with Tutu One Piece will transform your little gal into the cutest mermaid there ever wasfor shore. We love the gold accent straps and tail graphic as well as the attached tutu. Perfect for a mermaid themed birthday party or pretty much any party.


Shade Critters - Mermaid Rash Guard and Sequin Bottoms Set

Shade Critters - Mermaid Rash Guard and Sequin Bottoms Set

Soak up some vitamin sea in Shade Critter’s Mermaid Rash Guard and Sequin Bottoms set. The most adorable set for a day of swimming, boogie-boarding, and sand castle building at the beach. The light pink matte rash guard combined with the shiny green bottoms create a perfect look for the modern mermaid.


Riding Unicorns - Ru Whimsical Ruffles Mermaids One Piece Swimsuit

Riding Unicorns - Ru Whimsical Ruffles Mermaids One Piece Swimsuit

This Riding Unicorns Mermaid One Piece Swimsuit will make a splash at your next family vacation or pool party. We love the ombre effect of the lavender, blue, and teal colors, accented with elegant black ruffles. Such a classy swimsuit with subtle drawn mermaids and coral reefs all over.


Siaomimi - Mermaid Tail Dress

Siaomimi - Mermaid Tail Dress

This Siaomimi Mermaid Dress is the full on mermaid look - tail included. Your little gal is sure to be mer-merizing in it! Best part is no shoes required, so one less item to worry about. We love the seafoam color but it also comes in coral if that's more her style. Pair with Oh Baby!’s Pixie Feather Headband for ultimate glam.


Ice Cream Castles -Mermaid Life Ruffle Tank Top,Mermaid Shorts &Mermaid Hoodie

Ice Cream Castles - Mermaid Life Ruffle Tank TopIce Cream Castles -  Mermaid Shorts Ice Cream Castles - Mermaid Hoodie

“New shellphone, who this?” We love these Ice Cream Castles pieces, featuring mermaids, seashells, and tiny stars. These pieces are perfect together or even on their own, if you want to mix and match them. Wear them as a cover up for a bathing suit or as an everyday summer outfit.


Oh Baby -I <3 Mermaids Tshirt&All Over Mermaids Foil Shorts

Oh Baby - I <3 Mermaids Tshirt Oh Baby -  All Over Mermaids Foil Shorts

These Oh Baby! pieces were mermaid for each other. We absolutely adore the gold foil features, giving the mermaid trend a glamorous touch. Wear the pieces together or pair the I <3 Mermaids Tshirt with gold leggings to make a bold statement.


Plastic Jus -Shell Fringe Sweatshirt &Seahorse Burnout Sweatpants

Plastic Jus - Shell Fringe Sweatshirt Plastic Jus -  Seahorse Burnout Sweatpants

Not all mermaid outfits are pink and pretty, some are more dark and daring like Plastic Jus’ Shell Fringe Sweatshirt and Seahorse Burnout Sweatshirt. We love this edgy interpretation of the mermaid trend. If this is more your girl’s style we recommend getting both pieces to wear as a set. Pair with a white tank top and Vans sneakers.


Tiny Trucker Co - Mermaid Hat orMother Trucker - Mermaid Vibes Glitter Hat

Tiny Trucker Co - Mermaid HatMother Trucker - Mermaid Vibes Glitter Hat

Incorporate the mermaid trend with an accessory! Get the blue hat or pink hat depending on outfit or her favorite color! We love the ombre tie-dye effect on Tiny Trucker’s Mermaid Hat and Mother Trucker’s Mermaid Vibes Glitter Hat in pink. You can’t go wrong with whichever you choose or get both if you have more than one girl/mermaid in the family.  


Lilies & Roses - Mermaid Clip Set of Two

Lilies & Roses - Mermaid Clip Set of Two

Last but not least, this Lilies & Roses Mermaid Clip Set that features a small mermaid with a glittery crown perfect as an addition to any outfit listed above or with outfits your girl may have already. This quirky and unique clip will keep your girl on the mermaid trend and really mer-make everyone's day who sees her.


Happy shopping moms, enjoy a martini while picking the perfect trendy looks for your little gal. We finally ran out of mermaid puns… sea ya later!! :D

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