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Snuggle Up With the Best Baby Noomie Pajamas For Your Mini

Noomie is dedicated to providing you with the most durable, yet adorable, baby pajamas.
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In 2014, mothers and entrepreneurs (self-dubbed “mompreneurs) Alissa Wapinski and Andrea Schneider had the idea to blend classic layette designs with contemporary charm. The result was  Noomie, a line of high-quality, ultra-comfortable pajamas for your minis. 

Noomie  is dedicated to providing you with the most durable, yet adorable, baby pajamas. Each line features precious designs like smiley faces, sweet treats, and more. This line intends to blend effortlessly cute designs with fabrics that are gentle and safe on your little ones’ skin.

Inspired by the founders’ South African roots, Noomie pieces are made only with the most high-quality cotton. Sourced from the Peruvian valleys, this cotton is grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, making it exceptionally soft, allergen-free, and 50% more durable than other cottons. Plus, the natural elasticity is perfect for moving with your mini as they explore throughout the day!

Because Noomie was founded by two moms, the brand commits itself to providing customers with products that have been tested and mom-approved. This designer line of baby pajamas is sure to keep your little ones stylish and comfortable all throughout the night. 

Here are Mini Dreamers’ 8 favorite baby pajamas from Noomie this season: 

Happy Face Long Sleeve Two Piece Pjs

Is your mini always showing off their bright smile to everyone in the room? If so, the  Happy Face Long Sleeve Two Piece PJs are perfect for them. This sunny smiley face design is perfect for little ones who embody what it means to have a sunny personality. Made out of 100% cotton, this matching set is not only cute but ultra-comfy as well! When paired with the contrasting black cuffs and trim around the collar, these baby pajamas will have your little ones looking stylish even when they’re off to bed.

noomie baby pajamas

Rainbow Happy Face Long Sleeve Dress

Just because it’s bedtime doesn’t mean your little girl has to tuck away her inner fashionista for the night. The Noomie  Rainbow Happy Face Long Sleeve Dress is the perfect nightgown for your mini who wants to look good in everything she does. The pastel smiley face print blends the sunny energy of the Noomie Happy Face PJs with her sweet femininity. Whether she’s just lounging around the house or headed off to a slumber party, this Noomie nightgown is sure to have her runway ready!

noomie baby smiley face nightgown

Travel Zip Footie

Even your tiniest jetsetters need something extra comfortable to travel in, and Noomie has just the thing for you. The  Travel Zip Footie PJs embrace a wanderlust vibe and are soft enough that your mini will be comfortable no matter where the family is traveling to. The turquoise trim around the collar and wrists adds a whimsical touch to the pajamas and the illustrations of suitcases, airplanes, and more will have your little one daydreaming about all the far off places they’ll go!

noomie baby pajamas

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Dress

Your sweet little girl deserves to wear something as sweet as she is. Fortunately, the Noomie  Chocolate Covered Strawberries Dress is the perfect wardrobe staple to show off her sassy sweet style! The ruffle hem of this dress makes it perfect for twirling from lounge time to bedtime and the cake pops, candies, and other treats decorating the piece add an extra sweet element. Wear this to bed or pair it with your favorite girls leggings for an adorable daytime look.

noomie girls nightgown

Makeup Long Sleeve Dress

Is your mini already interested in all things makeup and glamor? If so, the Noomie  Makeup Long Sleeve Dress is perfect for her! Decorated with illustrations of lipsticks, lip gloss, and other makeup bag must-haves, this nightgown is as fabulous as she is. The comfortable fabric and ultra-sweet design makes this girls dress the perfect transition piece from day to night; simply add a jacket and leggings for a cute, casual daytime look!

noomie baby nightgown

Cars Two Piece Pjs

For the more edgy mini in your life, the Noomie  Cars Two Piece PJs are perfect for making bedtime a little more exciting. Decorated with crazy cool monster trucks, this bold pattern will encourage your little one to show off his bold, energetic side. Plus, the matching set is made out of an ultra-soft material, so he’ll be comfortable and cool all night long!

noomie boys pajamas

Holiday Patches Long Sleeve Two Piece Pjs

Holiday season is quickly approaching, and your minis will need the perfect PJs to wear when they celebrate. If your family celebrates Christmas, the Noomie  Holiday Patches Long Sleeve Two Piece PJs are the perfect outfit for when your little ones open their presents on Christmas morning. Decorated with gingerbread men, snow globes, and more, this matching set is festive enough to keep the holiday spirit alive all winter long!

noomie christmas pajamas

Hanukkah Two Piece Pjs

If Hanukkah is in your family’s holiday traditions, Noomie has the perfect PJs for your minis. The  Hanukkah Two Piece PJs are decorated with menorahs, dreidels, and more to embrace the festive holiday season. Offered in a variety of sizes, this matching set is perfect for your minis of all ages!

noomie hanukkah pajamas

Want to see more Noomie designs? Shop the extensive collection  here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like Noomie at Mini Dreamers  here.

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