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New Website Additions!

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Who doesn’t love additions? Sprinkles on top of ice cream, sugar added to coffee, whipped cream with pie…. Okay maybe we have a sweet tooth but the point is additions sweeten up some of our favorite things and make them that much better. So we are thrilled to announce the extra additions sprinkled throughout the Mini Dreamers website!

1. Wish List Option

You can now “heart” the items you like! This means you can come back to the item later to buy OR get an email notification for if the item goes on sale! The items will appear in “My Wishlist” located on the top of the site next to the search bar and shopping bag icon.


2. Request Out of Stock Items

When the size of the item you need is sold out, you can now click on that size and input your email to request the item. If it becomes available, then you will get an email notification that it is back in stock.

3. Star Rewards Program

You can now earn points for shopping with us that will count as money off your next purchases! Here is how to earn star rewards:


  • Following us on Instagram
  • Placing an order
  • Signing up as a member
  • Celebrating a birthday
  • Leaving product reviews
  • Referring a friend


When you refer a friend they’ll get a 15% off coupon and you will receive 250 star points (which equals $5 off your next purchase)!


Make sure to create an account with us first. Then click the “Rewards” bubble in the left corner or “Rewards Program” at the bottom of the site to join. It’s as easy as that - you get 100 points just for signing up!

Try out these new member benefits that will save you money, get you the items you want, and make our community as well as your online shopping experience even better!!

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