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National Yoga Day

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Happy National Yoga Day! Yoga is great for mental and physical health and is one of my absolute favorite activities! Today’s the day to celebrate your favorite pose and favorite instructors! For this special holiday we interviewed my cousin, Orly, a personal trainer and certified Yoga instructor!

Orly Yoga

When did you start doing yoga / get into fitness?

I gave yoga a try when I was 18 years old in 2011. However to be honest, I wasn’t into it at first. I didn’t have the patience for it. Later on, at 20 years old I became a Personal Trainer and developed a new love for all types of fitness including lifting weights. I saw a variety of clients and noticed there were not enough people in the field of Pre/Post-Natal Fitness. After becoming a Pre/Post-Natal Fitness Specialist, I knew the next step would be to learn Pre-Natal Yoga.


Orly Pose

What really pulled the trigger though, was last year when my client was having a rough day. She was not in the mood to do intense exercises. She asked if we can compromise and do yoga style instead.I reminded her that I was not an official yoga instructor at the time so some of the poses may not be correct.

She was so impressed with the way I taught; considering the fact that she would go to a legitimate yoga school with her mother every day after school in India when she was a child. I was so touched by her compliment that I had an epiphany about yoga.

Finally, in September 2018 I began my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and have added yoga to my services at 26 years old.

Orly Yoga Holding


What do you love about yoga?

It gives me the opportunity to do good in the world. To promote good health and well being. It teaches both my clients and I patience, makes me stronger, makes me feel fierce like a warrior, and makes me feel good both physically and emotionally.

Warrior Pose


How often do you do yoga?

Yoga is part of my everyday life. Whether it’s asana (physical postures), yama (ethical standards and sense of integrity), pranamaya (breathing), or dhyna (meditation), I practice yoga with any situation that comes about throughout my day.

Pose Everyday


What's your favorite type (vinyasa, restorative, etc.)?

Back in September 2018, I never thought I’d say this but my favorite type of yoga class to practice now is Power Yoga. My favorite type of class to teach is Pre-Natal Yoga. It is so empowering to guide pregnant women through relief during this sensitive time. It’s so beautiful to watch the human body grow.


What's your favorite pose?

That’s a tough question to answer! How about I give my top 3? My top 3 favorite yoga poses are:

  1. Vrksasana (Tree Pose)- it teaches me to stand still, concentrate, and focus which used to be challenging for me to do in life.
  2. Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana (Bound Side Angle Pose)- Not only is it challenging, I also love the stretch it gives to my entire body including my shoulders, chest, stomach, hips, and legs.
  3. Savasana (Corpse Pose)- for obvious reasons lol! Although it is a resting pose, it feels good to soak up all the benefits at the end of my physical practice. It allows my body and mind to integrate and to ease into that blissful sensation that yoga gives us.


Where do you teach yoga/ do you offer private sessions?

I teach yoga privately in the comfort of my clients homes all over Los Angeles. I bring the gym to you! Occasionally, I will substitute yoga classes for my fellow yoga teacher friends if I am available.



How can people contact you to workout with you?

People can contact me through Instagram @Healthy_Orly, email, or my website


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Enjoy yoga posing with you and your little ones!

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