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Must-have Trendy Party Dresses and More From Petite Hailey

Petite Hailey’s specialty s a carefully crafted line of party dresses perfect for showing off your little one’s fun-loving personality!
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At Mini Dreamers, we believe fashion should be an extension of your mini’s personality. Whether she’s edgy and prefers faux leather over frills or she’s chic and loves all things glitter, there should be a style that suits her. Children’s clothing brand  Petite Hailey agrees, which is why it strives to provide a clothing line that’s as versatile as your mini. Petite Hailey’s specialty, though, is a carefully crafted line of party dresses perfect for showing off your little one’s fun-loving personality!

Based in Pasadena, California, Petite Hailey was founded by a mom of two looking to bring to life the products she wished were available for her children. In 2018, after chatting with several moms and identifying a need in the children’s fashion industry for dreamy, whimsical pieces,  Petite Hailey was born. Now, four years after the launch of the brand, Petite Hailey has found success in providing young girls with tutu dresses, chic tops, and more that help bring their inner sparkle to the surface.

Here are Mini Dreamers’ 8 favorite party dresses and more from Petite Hailey:

  • Sparkle Metallic Tutu Dress
  • Sparkly Love Tutu Dress With Belt
  • Vintage Roses Tutu Dress
  • Ombre Love Tutu Dress With Belt
  • Daisy Tutu Dress
  • Daisy Cardigan
  • Star Sweatshirt and Leggings Set
  • Smile Sweatshirt and  Sweatpants

  • Sparkle Metallic Tutu Dress

    If there was ever the absolute perfect girls dress for New Year’s Eve, it would be the Petite Hailey  Sparkle Metallic Tutu Dress. Made of a tiered tulle fabric with glittering stars and sequin embellishments, this dress is the quintessential party dress. The long-sleeved silhouette will keep her warm and comfortable all night long, while the shimmery details and elegant tutu design will help her shine as brightly as her personality! Pair it with the Mini Dreamers  Roger Crystal Square Shoes for an elegant look that will keep her both chic and trendy.

    petite hailey party dress

    Sparkle Love Tutu Dress With Belt

    Looking for a show stopping dress for your mini’s next birthday celebration? The Petite Hailey  Sparkly Love Tutu Dress With Belt is just what you’re looking for. The elegant tulle layering and sparkly star details will have your mini feeling like she’s a celebrity in a designer dress walking down the red carpet. Plus, the asymmetrical neckline and belt detailing make this girls dress equal parts glamorous and comfortable. Pair it with the Mini Dreamers  Metallic Slingback Shoes and she’ll be ready to party all night long!

    petite hailey party dress

    Vintage Roses Tutu Dress

    If your mini prefers a timelessly elegant look, the Petite Hailey  Vintage Roses Tutu Dress is perfect for her. The delicate rose detailing on the long-sleeved bodice has a vintage-inspired feel that transports you back in time while the tutu skirt adds a trendy twist to the design. This ballerina-inspired look will perfectly capture your mini’s sweet personality! Pair it with the Mini Dreamers  Butterfly Shoes and Bari Lynn  Fully Crystalized Headband for a look that will keep her pretty in pink all day long.

    petite hailey party dress

    Ombre Love Tutu Dress With Belt

    For your fun-loving girl looking for a party dress with a magical twist, the Petite Hailey  Ombre Love Tutu Dress With Belt is everything she needs. Made with the same glamorous structure as the Sparkle Love Tutu Dress With Belt, the multicolored ombre look of this party dress gives it an extra whimsical feel. Whether she wears this dress to a birthday party or in her wildest fantasy adventure, your mini will be sure to stay in tune with the latest fashion trends! Pair it with the Mini Dreamers  Metallic Slingback Shoes in purple for a look that’s runway ready.

    petite hailey party dress

    Daisy Tutu Dress

    There’s no design more delicately elegant than daisies, and the Petite Hailey  Daisy Tutu Dress harnesses that everlasting elegant look. A ribbed tank top bodice will keep your mini super comfortable all day long while daisy details on the straps and tutu skirt give her an elevated glamor factor. Perfect for tea parties, garden playdates, and more, this party dress is a must-have for your adorably classy girl! Pair it with the Mini Dreamers  Fur Pearl Handle Purse and she’ll look prim, posh, and proper no matter where she goes.

    petite hailey part dress

    Daisy Cardigan

    Even when the temperature begins to drop, your mini shouldn’t have to sacrifice her glamorous party dresses for warmth. Fortunately, the Petite Hailey  Daisy Cardigan is the perfect layering piece for just about any Petite Hailey dress. Made of a blush pink fabric with a simple daisy detail on the chest, this girls cardigan is neutral enough to match every party dress in your mini’s closet. The incredibly soft material keeps your mini ultra-cozy while delicate details like the ruffled trim keeps her simplistically fashionable.

    petite hailey girls cardigan

    Star Sweatshirt and Leggings Set

    When your mini is all tired out from her days of birthday parties, tea parties, and more, she’ll want the coziest lounge set to relax in. The Petite Hailey  Star Sweatshirt and Leggings Set is the perfect matching set to keep your mini relaxed yet stylish after a long day of being a social butterfly. The luxe leggings are made from a ribbed stretch fabric to move with her while the matching sweatshirt with star and ruffle detailing keeps her stylish and trendy!

    petite hailey girls matching set

    Smile Sweatshirt and Sweatpants 

    Although Petite Hailey was created with your little girls in mind, the brand prides itself on expanding to offer fabulous looks for your little boys as well! The Petite Hailey  Smile Sweatshirt and  Sweatpants matching set is the perfect loungewear look to keep your mini looking cool, casual, and trendy no matter where he goes. Pair the set with his coolest pair of sneakers for a streetwear look that will make him the talk of the town!

    petite hailey boys matching set

    Want to see more Petite Hailey designs? Shop the extensive collection  here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like Petite Hailey at Mini Dreamers  here.

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