Customer of the Month: September

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Customer of the Month: September | Mini Dreamers

Every month we pick our fav Mini Dreamers shoppers, celebrate them, and get their style tips and parenting wisdom. Check out our featured customer for September.

Selina Bronstein and her son Chase are our customers of the month for September!We love Selina and Chase’s edgy, on-trend style that we frequently feature on our Instagram. We wanted to celebrate their loyal shopping on our site and have the Mini Dreamers community get to know them better.

Hailing from Chicago, Illinois, a city full unique architecture, delicious food, and incredible music, its no surprise Selina’s style is cool and original. We asked her how she describes her style and she said, “It’s funny because I’ve always been a tomboy at heart and although I love dressing up and keeping up with the latest trends, my true style would be street chic with a little edge. I’m not afraid to take risks and make statements.” We love that!!

Selina & Chase Mini Dreamers

Selina and Chase matching in rocker tees and ripped jeans.


We asked Selina how she likes to style Chase and she explained, “I love to dress [him] similar to my style, but obviously more masculine. I love dressing him in concert/statement tees with destroyed denim, athletic matching sets, streetwear, mixing and matching prints, bold colors with a great pair of sneakers, and of course his man bun. And when duty calls, Chase can be a true fashion killer.” We can see that “fashion killer” runs in the family!


The Bronstein family rocking colorful outfits!


Next question was why Selina chooses Mini Dreamers as her go-to store. She answers,“I love to shop on Mini Dreamers because not only do they carry a variety of the trendiest children’s clothing, but their customer service is exceptional. Mini Dreamers is my go to whenever I am in need of a stylish gift for all of the children in my life!”

She loves many of the children’s clothing brands on Mini Dreamers but her top three are, “Mini Rodini for it’s imaginative and playful approach to children’s clothing… Rock Your Baby for their edgier, more masculine pieces. And Rowdy Sprout 100% for concert tees! I love the soft material and amazing quality.”

Chase Mini Dreamers

Chase is ready for Halloween inY Porque’s Skeleton Tshirt (Glows in the Dark), acid wash jeans, and Nike Cortez Sneakers.


Selina’s favorite family activity is the pumpkin patch during the fall. She grew up going to the pumpkin patch and loves that there is something to do for all ages. Selina adds that “Chase loves picking pumpkins, going to the petting zoo, and because he is my child (my favorite holiday being Halloween) he loves skeletons.”

Even though Chase doesn’t have the attention span to watch movies yet, he watches parts of Coco because he is obsessed with music and guitars, but that’s about it as far as movies go for him. But once he gets older Selina will watch her favorite classic kids’ movies with him, The Little Rascals and The Mighty Ducks.

Chase Rowdy Sprout

Chase inRowdy Sprout’s Beatles Vintage Tshirt, guitar print shorts, and checkered vans (picture on the left). Chase inChaser’s Peace Out Sweatshirt, black shorts, striped socks, and Yeezy Moonwalkers (picture on the right).


Chase is a huge Beatles fan and if he had a superpower it would be to time travel back to the late 50s/60s when rock-n-roll was on the rise. But also he said if he could fly anywhere on vacation right now, he would go to his Nana’s house. :)


5 of Chase’s Favorite Things:

  1. Guitars
  2. Skeletons / Coco
  3. Notorious B.I.G.
  4. The Beatles (50s/60s Rock & Roll)
  5. Clocks and Watches

Chase Mini Rodini Mini Dreamers

Chase modeling a Mini Rodini Set, baseball cap, and black Yeezys (picture on the left). Chase rocking out in a black tee, distressed jeans, black bandana, and brown mocassin shoes (picture on the right).


His biggest dream would be to be a musician and collector of watches, clocks and monster trucks.Chase loves playing guitars! He also has a crazy obsession with clocks and watches. He memorized where every clock is when he goes shopping with his mom and makes her take him to see each and every clock!

Selina says, “when he meets people, the first thing he does is look on their wrist for a watch. If they have a watch on, he turns on his charm to get that person to let him wear their watch. He legit has had waiters, store associates, nail techs, baristas, carpet cleaners, cleaning ladies, etc. let him wear their watch. It’s so embarrassing but also so adorable and funny.” We hope daddy Bronstein hides his collection of watches... or maybe that’s how he got Chase to say “Dada” as his first words!


Shop some of Chase’s favorite brands new arrivals:

Rowdy Sprout - Distressed Grateful Dead Long Sleeve Top & Rock Your Baby - Paint splash Sweatpants

 Rowdy Sprout - Distressed Grateful Dead Long Sleeve Top & Rock Your Baby - Paint splash Sweatpants

Disco Panda - Biggie Reigns Tshirt& Rock Your Baby - Basic Acid Wash Sweatpants

Disco Panda - Biggie Reigns Tshirt & Rock Your Baby - Basic Acid Wash Sweatpants

(Chase loves Notorious B.I.G  from his A-B to Jay-Z book. He calls him “Big PAPA” in the most intense voice.)


Rowdy Sprout - Bowie Bamboo Pjs or Rowdy Sprout - Nirvana Bamboo Pjs

 Rowdy Sprout - Bowie Bamboo Pjs or Rowdy Sprout - Nirvana Bamboo Pjs


Y Porque - Guitar Button Down & Children of the Tribe - Naia Denim Shorts

Y Porque - Guitar Button Down & Children of the Tribe - Naia Denim Shorts


Some final words of parenting advice from Selina:

“Treat everyone equally and to show compassion to all living things”, which is what her parents taught her.

And for new parents, “Trust your own instincts. Whatever YOU feel is right for your child is the right thing. There will always be someone passing judgement regardless of what you do, but just trust your own gut. You know what is best for your own child.”



Thank you to Selina and the Bronstein family for talking with us and sharing your style inspo and more! We can’t wait to see Chase’s next on-point outfit, especially for Halloween!!


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