Customer of the Month : November - Mini Dreamers

Customer of the Month : November

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Every month we pick our fav Mini Dreamers shoppers, celebrate them, and get their style tips and parenting wisdom. Check out our featured customer for November.
Our Mini Dreamers customer of the month for November is Veronique Michelle Vicari Barnes! Born in Los Angeles California, she grew up in the Valley and still lives in the valley, where she raises her children. She has 5-year-old twins. Her boy Jagger Ray Barnes and girl Juliet (Juju) Estelle Barnes.
Veronique our Customer of the Month and Designer & Co-founder of Ice Cream Castles
Veronique our Customer of the Month and Designer & Co-founder of Ice Cream Castles
Veronique says her style changes from day to day. But to some it up she dresses “very on trend” and “comfy chic” now that she’s a mom.

When she’s staying in Veronique loves oversized hoodies and sweats for being cozy.When she goes out Veronique loves Love shack fancy, For love and lemons, Mara Hoffman, Ulla Johnson. Loud pieces like from Discount Universe and Dolls Kill. Vintage tee-shirts and concert tees. But also loves hippy dresses too. Although her all-time favorite brand is Gucci.
Juliet modeling with mommy in Ice Cream Castles Pegasus Unicorn Dress

Juliet modeling with mommy in Ice Cream Castles Pegasus Unicorn Dress

Lucky for her, her children have similar style and let her dress them she says,“They love the things I buy for them (most of the time). We all love colorful things, cozy pants with colorful prints. We love to dress true to the season for example during Halloween we are always in Black and skulls and for Christmas we deck out in fun holiday stuff and glitter.”

She gravitates towards comfy leggings and tees or dresses for her daughter, Juliet, and edgier sweats and jeans and rad graphic tees for Jagger.

Veronique’s favorite children’s fashion brands include Ice Cream Castles of course, she tells us “that’s my baby” since she is the co-founder and designer of the line and “it’s just super cozy and an easy go to for preschool” for Juliet and Jagger. Next is Mini Rodini because of the unique prints, Nununu and for Jagger, since they have the coziest pants, as well as Munster Kids and Someday SoonTiny Whales for both Juliet and Jagger (“they have the best graphic tees”). She’s been obsessed with Flowers by Zoe this season. She love LoveShackFancy for girls and Lil Lemons as well. Her all-time favorite kids’ line though is Stella Kids (Stella McCartney for kids), she adds, “her stuff is stunning!”


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Right: Juliet: Get a similar girls dress like Nellystella Chloe Cotton Lace Stripe Dress,

Jagger: Get a similar boys button down like Mini Shatsu Tropical Forest Short Sleeve Bow Tie Button Down

When we asked Veronique why she shops with us and she explains, “Mini Dreamers is pretty much the only place I shop online for the twins. I love the variety of choices I have when I go to the site. Melody has the best taste and always has something for everyone. She has an amazing eye for new brands and I love when she tells me about the latest lines. For example, this fall she turned me onto a brand called Loud Apparel that I never heard of before and it’s to die for. All her stuff is really unique and good quality and I know when I shop there, I’m getting the best of the best for the season every single time”. Thank you Veronique, happy to help!!
We asked for the funniest memory of the kids and Veronique told us, “Omg there’s been SOOO many. One funny one was when they just started crawling Jagger got into the dog food bin and tipped it over and I walked into the kitchen to Dog food all over the floor like totally covered and Jagger just smiled and said “ Dog food” and was so happy playing in it and Juliet stumbled over to me and said ohhhh Jagger good job Jagger… she was so little it was the funniest thing ever….”. So sweet!!
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Veronique’s favorite kids movies: OHHH I have so many!!!  Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Moana is epic too.

Veronique’s favorite family activity: I love going to Disneyland with the kids. I’m a huge kid so I love geeking out with them about all the magical stuff there. I also love holidays. Decorating with them for Halloween and Christmas is one of my favorite activities. Day to Day. I love crafting and making art with Juliet and I enjoy Reading to Jagger and watching movies with him. He is super cozy.
She says one thing her family always taught her was that, “I could do anything I wanted if I worked hard enough. I want my children to feel that they can do anything that anything is possible with work and perseverance I hope that they grow up with that confidence. I felt very empowered by my family to go after my dreams relentlessly and I want that for my children I hope they get that from me.”

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When she had her twins, parents always advised her to enjoy them as babies because it flies by so fast. She reflects, “Of course, I enjoyed them, but I wish that I really took that piece of advice. I was so eager for my life to go back to ‘normal’, but the truth is once you have children life as you knew it is gone forever. The normal would never be again.”
Veronique’s advice for new parents is to, “Take it in and just try your hardest to be present with them. It’s really such a special time. Also, be kind to yourself. Parenting is hard, and no one knows what to do. You have to follow your intuition and just wing it a lot of the times. There’s no right or wrong way. Everyone is different. And not to be hard on yourself”.

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Thank you Veronique, Jagger, and Juliet! We are so grateful to have you all in our Mini Dreamers community and for a peak into your exciting life, bold style, and honest parenting wisdom!

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