Customer of the Month : July

July 31, 2018

Customer of the Month : July | Mini Dreamers

Every month we will pick our fav Mini Dreamers shoppers, celebrate them, and get their style tips and parenting wisdom. Check out our featured customer for July.

Our customer of the month from sunny Palm Beach, Florida is Bethany Sharp! She is mother of two adorable daughters, Selah and London. We love the way Bethany styles the girls in matching outfits and joins in on the fun whenever there’s adult sizes. She styles the girls similar to her, picking trendy and classic looks, paired with cute embellishments like ruffles and bows.

All three of them are GLOWING wearing matching Peixoto’s Nissi PomPom Open Back Dress


Bethany says she loves Mini Dreamers because of our, “MANY incredible options and fun matching sibling styles”. Her favorite children’s clothing brands are: Shade Critters, Stella Cove, Sal & Pimento, BillieBlush, and Tutu Du Monde. She likes to dress the girls up for family evening beach picnics or just relaxing at home and watching their favorite kids movie, Kubo & the Two Strings.


      Mini Dreamers Customer of the Month

Whether dressed for a beach day inRiding Unicorns or a sunset photoshoot inPeixoto the Sharps always look sharp in Mini Dreamers!


We all know that being a parent isn’t all fun and fashion, so we asked Bethany for some of her parenting advice. She emphasizes to “stop taking it all personal”, explaining that “the best discipline, the best patience, and the best parenting come from a heart that doesn’t take tantrums personal.”



Being a parent is sometimes tough and thankless but we are reminded of the reward children are, especially with the funny things they say. Bethany loves when London pronounces her favorite ice cream flavor “camamamel” (aka caramel lol). Bethany also will never forget, when someone asked Selah, “Do you want to be a mermaid when you get bigger?” And Selah looked up at them with 10 eyes and said, “Um no I want to be a mommy, just like my mommy!” (Even though her first word was “dada” I think this makes up for it).


The girls feeding apples to horses wearing adorable matching star dresses.


Selah’s dream is to have every animal and go to China to play with panda bears. She loves animals and her favorite movie character is Kubo (because he’s an animal). London’s dream is to live in a princess castle and wear princess dresses everyday. Her favorite princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

Even though the girls have different dreams, Bethany makes sure the girls know that “no matter what your sister is your best friend for life!!” She also passes down her parent’s wisdom to “keep God first!” as well as “be kind, always help people around you”. We LOVE these pieces of wisdom!


Now that you got to know the Sharps, here are some outfit selections similar to what the girls are wearing in the pictures and inspired by their style:


Peixoto - Nissi Pompom Open Back Dress&Nueces - Metallic Ruffle Neck Stripe Bikini

Peixoto - Nissi Pompom Open Back Dress & Nueces - Metallic Ruffle Neck Stripe Bikini

Peixoto’s Nissi Pompom Open Back Dress is the most adorable dress for pictures or cover ups to bathing suits, like this Nuece’s bikini. We love the pompoms, the ruffles, and the open back. They also have different sizes, even for adults if you want to match your girls. Not to mention different color options if you can’t get enough of this dress, like us.


Riding Unicorns- Ru Whimsical Cape Mermaids One Piece Swimsuit

Riding Unicorns- Ru Whimsical Cape Mermaids One Piece Swimsuit

Riding Unicorns’ Whimsical Cape Mermaids Swimsuit is similar to the bathing suit above except with a cape addition. This is a great classy and trendy piece for evening beach picnics or pool days. Selah and London’s dream superpower is to fly and this cape definitely makes you feel like a  magical flying superhero.


Wild & Gorgeous - Star Wonder Dress

Wild & Gorgeous - Star Wonder Dress

Inspired by London’s love of princesses, we picked this Wild & Gorgeous’ Star Wonder Dress. This red and pink toned with sparkly stars is similar to the outfit the girls were wearing feeding the horses. This dress is perfect dress to be the Belle of any ball for elegant events, special holidays, or just to dress up like a princess.


Flowers by Zoe - Metallic Star Tank Dress

Flowers by Zoe - Metallic Star Tank Dress

For a more casual, everyday dress in a similar style to the one above is Flowers by Zoe’s Metallic Star Tank Dress. This grey, cotton, comfortable dress is easy to put on and style. Selah and London love to do arts and crafts and this is a great dress for it.


 Mini Dreamer Mom, Bethany Sharp


Thanks for reading about our Mini Dreamer Mom, Bethany Sharp, and the cutest Mini Dreamers, Selah and London! And thank you to the Sharps for being part of the Mini Dreamers family!


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