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Bling2o’s Top 4 Picks for Kids’ Designer Swimwear Accessories

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Dive into a world of aquatic elegance with Bling2o, where ordinary meets extraordinary in the realm of aquatic accessories. With a focus on both functionality and fabulousness, Bling2o's collection of goggles, snorkels, and swim masks not only meets but exceeds the most stringent global safety standards, ensuring peace of mind with every splash. What sets Bling2o apart is their unwavering commitment to quality and innovation; each product is crafted from latex-free and lead-free materials, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable experience for every water enthusiast. But that's not all—Bling2o goes the extra mile by equipping their products with anti-fog properties, ensuring crystal-clear vision and uninterrupted fun underwater. So, whether diving into the deep end or lounging by the poolside, Bling2o is your go-to for aquatic accessories that blend style, safety, and sheer joy.

Princess Pastel Crown Goggles: For the Little Royal in Your Life


Your little princess will love to make a splash with these Princess Pastel Crown Goggles. They’re adorned with pink rhinestones for extra sparkle and a crown decal for that special royal touch. With their pink sparkly sheen, these goggles will make a strong impression and stand out underwater. Their pastel pink color can easily match any swimsuit for a coordinated fit. Whether you’re spending the day at the beach or soaking up the sun at the pool, these goggles are the perfect accessory for endless summer fun. 

Jet Gamer Goggles: Ready to Game On


Get your head in the game with Jet Gamer Goggles. The design is reminiscent of many game controllers, with colorful buttons and joystick details around the lenses. The strap is an eye-catching mix of blue, green, yellow, and red, perfectly coordinated for a bright and colorful fit. Young gamers will love these awesome goggles that are perfect for beach days, pool parties, and everything in between. Interchangeable nose pieces and an adjustable back clip ensure a comfortable fit for the fun to continue without interruptions. Game on! 

Draco the Dragon Goggles: Underwater Adventure Gear


These fierce Draco the Dragon Goggles are perfect for little swimmers who like pretending to be a fearsome fire-breathing beast. The lenses have sharp details reminiscent of dragon teeth and spikes along the top, bringing images of prehistoric predators and their scales to mind. The brightly colored strap is extra thick for a super secure fit, so your little dragon won’t lose their goggles during their underwater adventures. Plus, like all of bling2o’s goggles, they come with anti-fog protection to keep the lenses clear, no matter how intense the action gets. 

Splash Lash Goggles: Eye-catching Fun


These Splash Lash Goggles live up to their name. They feature glamorous faux eyelashes and beautifully pigmented ‘flakes’ of eyeshadow. They’re perfect for little swimmers who love getting all dolled up while playing dress-up. Give your glam girl an extra bit of style with these sparkly and sassy goggles. They’re sure to turn heads and be the envy of everyone who sees them. 

With Bling2o, you can dive into your aquatic activities confidently, knowing that your little swimmers are equipped with the best-in-class gear that meets and exceeds global safety standards. Say goodbye to foggy lenses and discomfort—Bling2o's latex-free, lead-free, and anti-fog products ensure a clear, comfortable, and fun-filled experience in the water. So whether you're a family of seasoned swimmers or a casual beachgoer, make a splash with Bling2o and discover a new level of fun in the sun.

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