Bari Lynn Accessories featuring the Latest in Headbands and Beanies

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Bari Lynn Accessories featuring the Latest in Headbands and Beanies

Not going to lie, we are extremely jealous of the new drop of hair accessories from Bari Lynn. Bari Lynn has taken their new collection to the next level with glamour and sweetness when it comes to their headbands and beanies. From crystals to pearls and sequins, your gal is sure to sparkle and shine. Let’s get to showcasing our newest girls’ accessories. 

Here are Mini Dreamers’ Top 8 Picks from Bari Lynn:

Bari Lynn Pearlized Headband 



When she's craving complete decadence, only the Bari Lynn Pearlized Headband will do! A blue headband is adorned with pearls and small diamonds for an utterly glamorous look. This headband will pair perfectly with her hair in a side braid or a low bun. A girls headband only Blair Waldorf would wear in the OG Gossip Girl series!

Bari Lynn Shimmer Stars and Pearls Headband

The Bari Lynn Shimmer Stars and Pearls Headband headband is such an effortless way to elevate even the simplest outfit. It’s cute and sleek, making it a great option to dress up her looks. This ethereal headband features gold star and pearls embellishments on a white airy fabric with a top not for added volume. 

Bari Lynn Star Confetti Headband 

The Bari Lynn Star Confetti Headband brings back nostalgia of wearing and playing with this fun hair accessory in school and out of school in the 2000s. Pink, silver and purple star confetti are inside that can move around with a thick see through band. This headband adds color and brightness to her hairstyles especially when paired with a ponytail or sleek hairstyle. 

Bari Lynn Fully Crystalized Headband 

Giving major royalty, the Bari Lynn Fully Crystalized Headband is a fully crystallized hair accessory. The headband gives her an elegant, festive and perfect look. Not an inch of its surface is spared from sparkle. This headband is perfect for all-day wear, and sure to be a show stopper for any occasion your Mini empress might attend. 

Bari Lynn Crystal Fur Pom Beanie 

It's not possible for the Bari Lynn Crystal Fur Pom Beanie to get any more luxurious. The white ribbed fabric construction beanie is topped off by a fur pom-pom, and crystals with gold detailing throughout that adorn the rolled hem with unapologetic extravagance. The crystals are sure to sparkle as it keeps her head warm and cozy! Perfect for the upcoming fall and winter season. 

Bari Lynn Sequin Stars Fur Pom Beanie 

Stay toasty when the weather turns cold with the Bari Lynn Sequin Stars Fur Pom Beanie. Soft and black fabric protects her head from the chill, while the sequins from the silver star graphics shine adds playful personality. This girls’ beanie hat for sure is a fun and trendy MUST-HAVE item for this fall and winter. Pair with a number of our sweatpant sets or an all-black outfit for an edgy, grunge look. 

Bari Lynn Sequin Stars Fur Pom Beanie 

This Bari Lynn Sequin Stars Fur Pom Beanie will serve her well on particularly blustery days as it’s made from sumptuously soft white fabric and the hem ribbed for a snug fit. Featuring a large white fur pom and three sequin stars, it makes a fashion statement even in the cold. She’ll be sparkling and shining in the snow with this Snow White beanie! 

Bari Lynn Sequin Hearts Fur Pom Beanie 

Whether she’s learning to snowboard for off to another day of school, the Bari Lynn Sequin Hearts Fur Pom Beanie is a beanie to complete her winter ensemble. With its pink faux-fur pom on top and sequin hearts, this beanie combines functional warmth with just a touch of sass! This hat will be sure to add a pop of color to all her winter outfits. Style with a whole pink ensemble for a powerful look. 

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