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8 Must Have Munster Kids Loungewear Pieces For Your Mini Boy

Make sure your mini has the best options to choose from with our top picks from the Munster Kids loungewear collection.
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Your mini is always on the go. From birthday parties to school days and every event in between, we know that when your mini gets home all he wants to do is lounge around in his comfiest outfits. So, make sure he has the best options to choose from with our top picks from the Munster Kids loungewear collection. 

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Munster Kids was created from a love for youth culture and strives to embrace the fun, youthful energy of your mini. Whether he chooses a fun kids matching set or just a graphic tee, we know Munster Kids has the perfect loungewear pieces for your mini. 

Here are Mini Dreamers’ 8 favorite Munster Kids loungewear pieces:

  • Check Me Hoodie
  • Kross Jump Colorblock Shorts
  • That’s Snake Shirt
  • Smudge It Marble Swim Trunks
  • Stormy Sweatpants
  • Chase Sweatshirt
  • Mnstr Solid Sweatshirt
  • Mr Messy Tie Dye Button Down Top

  • Check Me Hoodie

    Every boys loungewear collection needs an ultra-trendy hoodie that he can throw over any outfit and instantly elevate his look. The Munster Kids Check Me Hoodie is the perfect option for your mini who wants comfort without sacrificing style. Made out of 100% cotton brushed fleece, this boys hoodie screams casual and cool. The blue and black checkered pattern is on trend with today’s bold geometric looks that minis are loving while the muted color palette keeps this subtle and effortlessly stylish. Details like the oversized front pocket and thumb holes in each of the sleeves keeps this Munster Kids loungewear piece unique and just as interesting as your little one! 

    munster kids hoodie

    Kross Jump Colorblock Shorts

    As springtime approaches and the weather starts to get warmer, every Munster Kids loungewear wardrobe should include a pair of reliable boys shorts. Fortunately, the Munster Kids Kross Jump Colorblock Shorts are the perfect addition. These ultra-comfy shorts add a trendy element to an otherwise neutral piece. Colorblock details at the waistband and pockets blend seamlessly with the neutral tan fabric of the shorts, making this boys loungewear piece subtle yet still interesting! Complete the look with the Munster Kids Bolt Pocket Tshirt and BuBu Hang Loose Surf Club Trucker Hat.

    munster kids shorts

    That’s Snake Shirt

    Add an edgy element to your mini’s graphic tee collection with the Munster Kids That’s Snake Shirt. This boys graphic tee is made out of a super cool green fabric and designed with a bold snake design across the back of the shirt. A small matching illustration details the front corner of the shirt, making this Munster Kids loungewear piece subtle in the front and vibrant in the back. Whether he wears this with his favorite pair of jeans to a birthday party or just running around the playground, we know your mini will feel like the trendiest guy in the room in this kids graphic tee! Complete the look with the Munster Kids Best Mates Shorts, Mini Dreamers Clear Sunglasses, and Mini Dreamers Checkered Lightning Bolt Sneakers.

    munster kids graphic tee

    Smudge It Marble Swim Trunks

    Whether you’ve got a big beach vacation planned this year or you plan on just hanging at the neighborhood pool, make sure your mini has the trendiest pair of swim trunks with the Munster Kids Smudge It Marble Swim Trunks. Made out of 100% polyester, these boys swim trunks are perfect for your mini who loves to make a splash — literally and figuratively! With a two-toned wave pattern, these Munster Kids swim trunks are vibrant enough to catch everyone’s attention this summer. So, whether he’s jumping into the deep end or lounging in the sand, your mini will be the best dressed swimmer there is! Complete the look with the Munster Kids Washed Out Tshirt, BuBu Sun & Sea Trucker Hat, and Mini Dreamers Clear Sunglasses.

    munster kids swim trunks

    Stormy Sweatpants

    At the end of a long day of swimming, there’s no better feeling that pulling on a pair of cozy sweatpants and curling up on the couch for movie night. This summer, make sure your mini is extra cozy with the Munster Kids Stormy Sweatpants. Half of a kids matching set, these boys sweatpants feature jogger-style cuffs at the ankles and an adjustable waistband to ensure a perfect fit every single night. Plus, the multicolored tie dye fabric design of this Munster Kids loungewear piece is fun and trendy enough for even your littlest fashionistas! Complete the look with the Munster Kids Water Sweatshirt.

    munster kids sweatpants

    Chase Sweatshirt

    For your mini who likes to keep things neutral, opt for the Munster Kids Chase Sweatshirt. This Munster Kids loungewear piece is part of a boys matching set and is made with a vintage-washed black fabric. Detailed with multicolored stripes along the sleeves and pants, this boys sweatshirt will match almost anything he pairs it with while still adding a subtle pop of color to every outfit. Whether he wears this with the matching pants or with something he already owns, we know your mini will love this sweatshirt! Complete the look with the Munster Kids Nextrace Stripe Sweatpants.

    munster kids sweatshirt

    Mnstr Solid Sweatshirt

    If your mini wants a piece that’s even more neutral than the Chase Sweatshirt, he’ll love the Munster Kids Mnstr Solid Sweatshirt. This all-black boys sweatshirt is detailed only with a monochromatic “MNSTR” logo, keeping things sleek and clean. With a slight vintage wash to the black fabric, this Munster Kids loungewear piece will surely complement every outfit your mini owns while simultaneously keeping him cozy and comfortable all day long!

    munster kids sweatshirt

    Mr Messy Tie Dye Button Down Top

    For the days your mini needs to dress things up, get him the Munster Kids Mr Messy Tie Dye Button Down Top. This classic button down shirt style is perfect to pair with both jeans and shorts, instantly elevating any outfit he wears. Plus, the monochromatic blue tie dye pattern will give him the perfect balance between a vibrant pattern and subtle colors! Complete the look with the Munster Kids Stained Tie Dye Shorts and Mini Dreamers Clear Sunglasses

    munster kids shirt

    Want to see more Munster Kids loungewear designs? Shop the extensive collection here. Plus, shop more designer kidswear like Munster Kids at Mini Dreamers here

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